How To Date A Pisces:

How To Date A Pisces:

So you want to date a Pisces? The good news is that Pisces are very loving, sweet, emotionally intuitive and nurturing… But this zodiac sign also is sensitive, moody and lives in a dreamy world that you may or may not completely understand. Pisceans are one of the best boyfriend/girlfriends you will ever have because they are beyond sentimental. A true Pisces will know how you feel even before you realize how you feel. Pisces are great at helping a person cope with life’s ups and downs. Pisces Zodiac signs are two fishes swimming against each other, so dating a Pisces may become complicated…

Here are some general tips for dating a person born February 20- March 20 (Pisces Sign):

1) Try to remember that Pisces man or women are generally sensitive people filled with compassion and kindness. They are ultra-romantic and love to be in love!

2) Pisces women like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and the late Elizabeth Taylor love to feel like they are the only women in the world! They want to feel special and prized, they are worth all of your attention!

3) Pisces are by nature shy people, so they are attracted to confident and assertive types. Pisces are water sign so they are up for any adventure and very flexible. They are a great match for someone who is a planner and is willing to put the effort in for impromptu trips and sweet surprises!

3) Pisces are dreamers, and very imaginative people… almost to the point of being a tad bit gullible. So be sure to have a creative sense of humor and be able to come up with funny jokes, word play, and double entendres.

4) Explore new places, sensations, social arrangements, and languages are all important to Pisces. A Pisces must have new stimulus everyday in order to feel happy and content, so if you want to seduce a Pisces be prepared to try new things yourself!

5) Pisces sign get along with everyone and are very nice to all people at first. Do not confuse Pisces kindness with flirting because they are like that with everyone! Pisces have a lot of love to give and usually will stick up for the underdog, basically any person, animal, or group in need of defense. Famous Pisces singers Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are like this.

6) Because Pisces spend so much time caring for other people, it is important that the person they are dating can be there for them. The most supportive sign in the zodiac is Pisces, so try to be there for him/her when needed.

7) Music is an important part of any Pisces lifestyle. You will need to either share the same love of music with you Pisces crush or at least learn to love their favorite songs. If your Pisces likes a song, you will hear it in the car, at home, in the office and at the gym. Pisces love to escape with music breaks!

8) Although Pisces are attracted to strong Zodiac signs likes Aries, Taurus and Scorpio… they will not like you if you are too harsh. So try to be calm and understanding to keep a good balance with a Pisces.

9) Most Pisces tend to indulge in something a little too much… It could be food, drinking, gambling, sex, work, exercising, talking, shopping…. anything! They are known for creating fantasy worlds and living in a fictitious version of life, that is why several Actors/Actresses are Pisces. However, because of this indulgent behavior, every once in a while a Pisces will need a voice of reason to guide them in their life. Be a supportive, yet practical partner for a Pisces and they will learn to trust you and love you much more!

10) When seducing a Pisces remember: Romance, Romance, Romance! Pisces is a sign that loves flowers, hand-written notes, random phone calls, sweet gestures, jewelry, gifts… basically anything sentimental, they will adore! Think about the most romantic scene from your favorite movie and use that as inspiration for earning the heart of a Pisces!

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