Charlotte Olympia Shoes For All 12 Zodiac Signs!

Charlotte Olympia Shoes For All 12 Zodiac Signs!

Luxury shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia is known for her whimsical and creative shoe creations! Celebrity fans like Holly Madison love her cute, girly and witty heels.



But if you like flats and want to match your style to your astrological sign, check out Charlotte Olympia’s newest line of zodiac flats available at Nordstrom!



A few of our favorite Zodiac Flats are:

The Scorpio’ by Charlotte Olympia



The Taurus’ by Charlotte Olympia



The Cancer’ by Charlotte Olympia



The Leo’ by Charlotte Olympia



‘The Pisces’ by Charlotte Olympia



Each pair of Charlotte Olympia’s Astrology flats are specifically designed with each of the 12 Zodiac signs in mind. The Leo flats are boldly colored orange and have a bright gold lion embellishment. Taurus flats are an earthy brown color and include a matching bull on the toe. Very cute shoes and each pair cost about $695 retail at both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus online.

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