All 12 Zodiac Sign’s Mottos

All 12 Zodiac Sign’s Mottos :

Each of the 12 Astrological Signs have their own life Motto, starting with Aries all the way to Pisces! These Zodiac Mottos reveal how each sign approaches challenges of life. Similar to quote, these Mottos describe the strengths of each sign. Each zodiac Motto is in the form of an ‘I Statement’… Find your specific sign by using your birthdate:


Now find your Zodiac symbol see how you relate to it’s Motto below:



For Example, the Zodiac Calendar officially starts at Aries and finished at Pisces.

So the First symbol above is Aries, Taurus, Gemini… etc.

Aries Motto: I am

Taurus Motto: I have

Gemini Motto: I think

Cancer Motto: I feel

Leo Motto: I will

Virgo Motto: I analyze

Libra Motto: I balance

Scorpio Motto: I lust

Sagittarius Motto: I see

Capricorn Motto: I use

Aquarius Motto: I know

Pisces Motto: I believe

Each Zodiac Motto gives more insight about the sign itself. For example, Virgo’s Motto is ‘I analyze’. Virgo people are known to be very detailed oriented and they can dissect something or someone completely. A true Virgo is a perfectionist, so this Motto makes sense and helps to learn more about the sign. Libra’s Motto is ‘I balance’ and this means they are seeking equilibrium in life. LIbra sign is the scales, and they truly love for their life to be harmonious. Taurus’ Motto is ‘I have’, which makes perfect sense because Taurus are know to be possessive and materialistic. A Taurus likes to own things, and sometimes even people… Capricorn’s Motto of ‘I use’ is also appropriate because Capricorns are great at setting goals and striving to achieve them. True corporate ladder climbers at heart, Capricorns use people, skills, anything to get closer to their achievements. Anyone who has met a Leo will confirm that their Motto ‘I will’ is very fitting. Leos are one of the most driven signs of all the zodiac, also stubborn too!

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