Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Zodiac Love Match

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Zodiac Love Match:

Brad Pitt’s 50th Birthday is coming up on December 18, so that means his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. There were rumors that partner Angelina Jolie would be buying a $19.7 million, heart-shaped island for producer/actor Pitt, but so far no deal…


Angelina Jolie is a Gemini, her birthday is June 4th. Brad and Angelina share a very special zodiac love match. Gemini and Sagittarius make a compatible astrological match because they are both free-spirited and like to be constantly on the go. ‘Brangelina’ and their six children keep a busy lifestyle of traveling and working in several countries.


When Gemini and Sagittarius come together in a love affair, it can be a truly spectacular match! These two are extremely compatible; any rough spots they encounter during the course of the relationship are sure to be smoothed over with a minimum of effort. Gemini is quite able to provide pioneering, adventurous Sagittarius with the independence Sagittarius requires in a close relationship, because Gemini shares that same need.

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