Funny Astrology Videos About Capricorns

One of our favorite Astrology bloggers on Youtube is Alyssa Sharpe. A libra herself, Alyssa makes insightful, balanced, personal videos for each sign, making astrology easy to understand for everyone. She has videos about the worst Astrological Signs, and the best Astrological Signs. You can also watch videos titled, “Why I hate Scorpios” and “Why I love Scorpios”… as she does this for all 12 signs of the Zodiac. Alyssa’s videos are candid, funny and relatable. She doesn’t boast to be an expert on all things astrology of course, she does know a lot and we love sharing her videos!

Here are some of Alyssa’s funny astrological videos about Capricorns. The first one is titled, “Why I Love Capricorns”:

This next video from Alyssa Sharpe on Youtube is called, “Why I Hate Capricorns”:

What do you think about her funny astrology videos about Capricorns and their personality traits….? I think she is pretty accurate. Do you agree or disagree with her opinions on astrological sign Capricorn?

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