Bob Barker Turns 90 Years Old on December 12th

Bob Barker Turns 90 Years Old on December 12th on Price is Right!


Barker is a famous Sagittarius celebrity that is loved by many, and he is scheduled to celebrate his Birthday this year by returning to the set of Price is Right.

Sagittarius Men are talkative, social by nature and love to meet new people.. which is probably why Bob Barker is one of the most popular Game Show Host of all time. Barker began hosting Price Is Right 1972, when reality TV was not even a thing yet.

Here are some more Personality Traits of Sagittarius (Nov. 23- Dec 22):

Magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, lucky, extroverted, proud, larger than life, free-spirited

Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most positive of the star signs. You were born under the ninth sign, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter’s traditional name was Jove, hence your jovial attitude.

You’re extremely confident in whatever you do. Being one of the luckiest signs, fortune seems to favor you, whether you plan things or not. That’s also the reason you don’t mind taking the odd risk or two. You feel as if you can’t possibly lose. This almost cocky attitude is something that attracts people to you.

Here are some other famous Sagittarius Celebrities:

Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus

Nicki Minaj

Britney Spears

Jay Z

Brad Pitt

Walt Disney

Christina Aguilera

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

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