Full Moon December 17th in Gemini

Full Moon December 17th in Gemini:

astrology-full-moon-dec-17 2013

Each Full Moon brings it own obstacles, and clarity. When a full moon approaches, there is always a strong undercurrent of new emotions as we react to the changes it brings. Similar to the feeling of waking up from a deep sleep, and having someone flip the lights on, a full moon brings up topics that might have been hidden in the dark. People tend to believe that a Full Moon, in general, causes more crime and chaos, but in reality each Full Moon has a purpose and/or element of energy shift. For example, this current Full Moon in Gemini around December 17, 2013 is all about the mind, how we think about the things in our life.

Full Moon December 17 2013 gemini

Even though the Sun sign is Sagittarius (November 22- December 21), the moon is in Gemini, which means it is ruled by Mercury. Gemini spirit is open to new ideas, new people and new experiences. Gemini energy is active, talkative and energetic. One of the most changeable and adaptive signs is the Gemini… When this energy combines with Sagittarius, some amazing things can occur. Gemini and Sagittarius have similar outlooks, and motives. Both are fun loving, free-spirited signs that do not like to be grounded or ‘attached’… In fact both Gem and Sag love to roam and explore life:

While Sagittarius represents the higher mind, Gemini represents the rational mind.    Sagittarius can see the potential of an idea before it unfolds, giving us the faith to bring it into reality.   Gemini approaches ideas through separation and analysis, depending on rationality to arrive at conclusions. Where Gemini lines up facts, Sagittarius sees the whole picture. This Full Moon asks us to unite the imagination with the intellect, intuition with facts.   With these two signs, it’s all about the Mind.   We have to understand who we are, what we believe and what we’re here to learn and do.

This Full Moon might bring more honesty, and communication to topics that have been ignored or not fully addressed.

People have many thoughts


Career changes, relationship issues, or financial improvements are all on-going factors in a person’s life, this Full Moon will get you ‘thinking’. Even if you are a born Gemini (Sun Sign), this moon will highlight some subconscious thoughts, and help you see a topic more rationally than before. Known to be able to argue both sides of an argument, Geminis love to play devil’s advocate. So if you are deciding on an important/life changing event this week, try to be fully aware of the pros and cons. Allow yourself to see all angles before you make the decision. You may find that you are more open-minded and fluid to change than normal, so embrace it! With optimistic Sagittarius and clever Gemini, there is no limit to the improvements you can make during this Full Moon December 17th 2013.

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