Why Did Khloe and Lamar Split

Why Did Khloe and Lamar Split?

It looks like one of our favorite Kardashian couples is officially filing for divorce… So we have to ask, what went wrong astrologically?

khloe and lamar divorce drama

Each couple has it own personal, complex reasons to stay married, or break up, and while we do not know Khloe Kardashian or Lamar Odom on a personal level, we have gathered some clues from Astrology to help figure out this sad ending of a love story.

Khloe Kardashian was born on June 27th, so that makes her part of the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Lamar Odom was born on November 6th, so he is a Scorpio.

These two lovebirds fell fast for each other! They were married quickly and on the surface, their four year marriage appeared to be romantic, healthy and very intimate. Although, watching their reality show on E! can only tell you so much about what really goes on between two people….

Khloe and lamar break up

When Cancer and Scorpio meet, they will experience an instant connection. They are water signs and share a similar intensity. Both signs understand passion, emotions, and a deeper spiritual sense of being. The bond between a Cancer woman and Scorpio man is usually quite strong and can be the foundation for a longterm relationship. Cancer and Scorpio couples are soulmate types, both understand the pain of the other, and maybe that is why for Hollywood standards these two famous celebrities were able to last as long as they did in marriage. But there were always undying problems….

A Scorpio man is an invincible person. He is an extremist with calm and steady surface and smoldering passion within him. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpio male lays his subtle strategies to enhance his career and personal life. He is one person who loves luxury and comforts immensely. He can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. In love with a Cancer woman, he is a passionate lover who knows all the synonyms of romance and eroticism. Though he is a great lover, but together with it he is very jealous and suspicious in nature too.

Scorpio men and women tend to have a strong sense of drive and if not properly focused on something good it may easily carry over into a realm of trouble. There were several accusations and rumors of Lamar cheating, using drugs, and not focusing on his NBA career. Perhaps the fact that Khloe was never able to have children also affect his outlook. Scorpio men do tend to go into a dark depression when things in their life are not going as well as they wish… And it was clear to almost everyone that Khloe was nurturing, patient, helpful and self-sacrificing to the best of her ability to help Lamar. Cancer women are the best at sympathizing and caring for people they love, they will do almost anything to make a situation better. But after a while, it seems that Khloe’s family stepped in and pulled the plug on this relationship. Cancer women can also be enablers, just by trying to help… It is almost as if they care too much about another person, and stop taking care of themselves. The allegations of Lamar being unfaithful were probably the ultimate reason that she decided to leave.


So ideally, Cancer and Scorpio love match is a great thing! It is sad to see this particular marriage split, but the reasons appear to stem from bad habits (drug use, cheating) and not from astrological compatibility. It will be interesting to see if Lamar competes an extensive rehab process, will Khloe take him back? It is unlikely, since the battle he is fighting with substance abuse is deeply seeded. But one thing  about a female Cancer, she is always willing to forgive and forget; one of the most loving signs of the zodiac!


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