How To Date A Leo

How To Date A Leo:

Leo’s are born July 23- August 22, and it is a fire sign, symbolized by the Zodiac animal The Lion… Before you date a Leo, you will need to understand a Leo… It is easy to spot a Leo, they are usually the center of attention, and for good reason. Leo women spend a lot of energy at being the best, prettiest, funniest, smartest, wealthiest and the most loyal.


A leo mother is probably the most attentive, caring, and generous Mom you know. They care very deeply about their friends, family and especially kids. Think of a Lioness guarding her pack… Leo men are similar. They strive to be the best at their careers, thrive off of attention, and love to be successful, funny, and rich.

It’s the Lion that symbolizes Leos, and the king (or queen) of the jungle is a most appropriate mascot, since they consider themselves the rulers of their universe (and the zodiac at that). Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and itÕs this sense of their power that allows them to get things done. A Leo on your team is a good thing, since Lions are eager to see their projects through to completion.

Leo men and women are fun, a bit wild, and hate to be bored. If you want to date a Leo, get to know them, and see if you can keep up. Leo’s best astrological match are of course the two other fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius.

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Aries and Leo get along automatically! These two are seemingly made for each other because they have similar goals in life and love to accomplish great things! Leo and Aries are least likely to be shy, quiet or dull. Taking adventures, and achieving greatness is at the heart of their character. Both Leo and Aries have a strong sex-drive and have no issue with expressing how much in love they are. When a Leo or Aries finds someone they like, they jump in head first! Leo can keep up with Aries plans, and actually loves that fact that Aries is so determined.

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Sagittarius and Leo are also very compatible because they understand each other. Sagittarius wants to have fun and be free from restrictions, and Leo loves to break boundaries and have a shock factor. So these two sign ‘click’ instantly. A Leo and Sag couple is also known for having a lot of friends. This is the pair that travels together, and can talk with each other for hours. Leos tend to require a lot of attention from their lover, and Sag is willing to give them all of their attention and more. Both are great ‘givers’ and very generous so this astrological combo makes for an easy match. Leo and Sag also share a desire to have a big family. Both signs are very open and eager to have kids, but not necessarily settle down. A household with Leo and Sag parents will be anything but quiet… 😉


Leo may try to date other signs… such as Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. The attraction might be there between a Leo and other zodiac signs, but as far as long term, meaningful relationships, Leos should stick with other fire signs. It is possible to see a Leo date a Pisces for a period of time, mostly because Pisces is so sweet/caring. But in general Fire signs should stick with other Fire signs, if they want to fall in love with someone that understands them. A true soulmate connection for a Leo will probably be with Aries or Sagittarius.

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Use This Chart to See How Compatible You are with A Leo:

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