Alcoholic Drinks By Zodiac Sign

Alcoholic Drinks By Zodiac Sign:

zodiac drinks, the best drink for your sign

Ever wondered which drink matches up best with your astrological sign? Each sign of the zodiac prefers a type of drink…Scroll down to find out what your drink is:

vodka-redbull Aries faovrite drink

Aries: Vodka-Redbull is the drink of choice for fast- paced Aries! Always the life of the party and a competitive drinker, you will spot an Aries at the bar with a group of friends, ordering shots and sipping on Vodka-Redbull mixed cocktails all night into the early morning hours.

red wine earthy flavor taurus drink

Taurus: Red Wine- that UB 40 song hit the spot for Taurus drinkers. Pour them a glass of deep, full bodied, earthy red wine, and they are happy as can be! Make sure you tell your Taurus friend the origins and flavor of the wine too, the more high-end, the better with Taureans. You may never see a Taurus drunk though, they prefer to enjoy a glass or two,but will not get too crazy, or out of control drunk.

Beer Bucket gemini drink of choice for zodiac

Gemini: Beer- It is hard to tell if a Gemini is drunk or not because their personality is pretty much the same, talkative and engaging! A Gemini is a social drinker, and they prefer to drink at bars, sports games, parties, night clubs.. The best drink of choice for Gemini is beer. Preferably a light beer, but don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend can list several other beers, and rattle off more facts about other types of alcohol. Gemini drinkers know their cocktails, and make some of the best bartenders too!

margarita cancer drink at home for party

Cancer: Margaritas- Cancers love to drink at home, around family and friends. You can find a Cancer hosting a backyard barbecue or super bowl party. They will offer you a homemade margarita, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t the best you have ever tasted! The nurturing Cancer sign loves to make everyone feel welcome at their home.

DomPerignonChampagne vintage luxury tumblr leo drink

Leo: Champagne- Leo likes a great social event that is serving luxurious Champagne. Leo will love to tell you all about the vintage Dom Perignon and how rare and expensive it is. Leo wants the best of the best for their friends and themselves, so only top-shelf champagne will do! It is easy to spot a Leo at a party, all eyes will be watching them enjoy that fine glass of champagne in elite fashion.

cosmopolitan is the best drink for socail LIbra signs

Libra: Cosmopolitan- Libra is also a very social sign, they love having a girls night out, sipping on Cosmopolitans. Think Carrey from Sex and The City, you will always find a Libra surrounded by a pack of friends. This sign is all about art, culture, and luxury, order them a Cosmopolitan at the bar to score points with a Libra.

White Wine chardonnay Virgo best drink

Virgo: White Wine- Virgo is the fussy, perfectionist of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised when they order an exact type of Chardonnay. They will want to pair their drink of the night with a fabulous dinner,but it will have to taste perfect! Virgos are also known as the innocent ‘virgins’ of the zodiac chart, so don’t expect them to drink beyond their limits. Virgo will keep it classy the whole night!

tequila-shots party with a scoprio

Scorpio: Tequila- Scorpios are ‘one on one’ drinkers, and they will love to get you tipsy to learn more about the ‘real you’. Scorpios are the intense detectives of the zodiac, they love to peel back layers of a person until they find something deep to connect with. A scorpio is great to go out with to take Tequila shots, but beware, a Scorpio can always handle their alcohol,! So you should sip water all night if you want to avoid a next day hangover. Some of the best conversations can happen when you are out drinking with a Scorpio!

Sake drink with Sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Sake- Most Sagittarius’ love to travel and have been several places in the world. A sag will likely order a bottle of Sake for the whole table and chat about their overseas adventures. Exotic drinks and great conversation is what Sagittarius is all about! Also Sagittarius will expect you to keep up when them into the morning hours as well, so don’t get too drunk early in the night with a Sag.

Dry-Martini Capricorn classy drink

Capricorn: Dry Martini- It is rare to see a Capricorn let their guard down and drink, but if you do spot one, it will probably be at a business dinner or office event where they are working towards a promotion. Capricorns love to be in control and they will order a respectable drink like a dry martini. A Capricorn will not finish the entire drink, but they will show their level of class by ordering this classic cocktail.

Jagermeister pisces drink of choice

Aquarius: Jägermeister- Eccentric and cool, Aquarius’ like to show how intelligent and worldly they are by ordering a drink in another language. Aquarians prized friendship and going out for drinks is a great way to connect with their friends. The sweet, strong and medicinal flavor of Jäger is perfect for Aquarians, and they might invite you try a shot too! The more the merrier for this sign!

Pisces drink Jack and Coke zodiac sign

Pisces: Jack and Coke- Pisces have an addictive personality, meaning they love to escape into fantasy land by drinking and partying. Pisces are most likely to drag you on an impromptu trip to Vegas and party non-stop for 2 days! If you are getting over a break-up, call your Pisces friend, they will take your mind off any subject that is  bothering you. Pisces love to drink Jack and Coke, but they are also up for anything, one of the most easy-going and fun-loving signs of the zodiac. The phrase addictive personality can be read two ways you know!

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