What Scares Your Zodiac Sign The Most?

What Scares Your Zodiac Sign The Most?

Everyone has comforts and discomforts, certain things in life that they view as the ‘worst case scenario’. Each of the 12 Zodiac Signs has a specific fear, similar to a phobia, that they work against, in hopes to prevent it from happening. Learning which signs are afraid of what, can help you understand why a Gemini didn’t call you back, or if an Aries is cheating…. FYI: Those are just examples! 😉

What scares each zodiac sign the most in life

What scares each zodiac sign the most in life

Aries- The natural born leaders of the Zodiac, Aries comes first, both in order of signs and in their heart. Aries can be described as pushy, bossy, demanding and forceful. Aries is the sign most likely to get what they want now, and then think about it later. This impulsive fire sign is also the sign of a warrior. Aries are not afraid of going to war, they do whatever they deem as necessary in order to protect themselves, and those close to them. The one thing that scares an active Aries the most is inactivity, stale energy and complacent people. Aries hates being in line waiting or having to be last in anything. Aries is represented by the Ram and this animal charges through life! Their biggest fear is a ‘wall’ or any kind of boundary stopping them from getting what they want.

Taurus- The sweet lovable bull who enjoys calm, quiet, comfortable surroundings with family and friends. Taurus thrives for a secure life, that includes money, love, and stability. The sign most likely to have routine or schedule is a Taurus. It might not be a fast-paced or strenuous schedule, but they do enjoy planning and having their life run according to the ‘The Plan’. Taurus’ biggest fear in life is anything that resembles a change. That means Taurus is afraid of moving, breakups, and job related changes, even if it is a promotion… Taurus is stubborn and likes to approach their lifestyle at the their own pace. Change is the most difficult thing for a Taurus to get acclimated to, therefore they will do everything possible to avoid it and stick to their schedule, sans interruptions!

Gemini- The sign that is associated with learning and communication, Gemini men and women love to be social, engaging and on the move. Staying in one place too long bothers a Gemini, and so does confinement. The mind of a Gemini is admirably quick and enjoys stimulation, so their biggest fear is not being able to switch topics fast enough or having to live in the same place for too long. The strength of a Gemini comes from their ability to adapt and change seamlessly from one personality to another. Anything in life that prevents a Gemini from growing and evolving, is terrifying to them.

Cancer- This sign loves to cook at home with family and friends. The Crab (Cancer) loves their comfortable shell (house) and will enjoy being a stay at home parent that dotes on the children and partner. Cancer’s love their home and the people that make it special. Don’t be surprised if you stay at a Cancer’s home and it is plush, fully equipped with a home entertainment system, and a fully stocked fridge. This sign loves to have people over and take care of their close few. The biggest fear of a Cancer is losing their home, family member or loved one. Cancer is emotionally attached to their home and all things associated with it! So a home robbery, natural disaster or loss of a loved one is the worst possible thing in life to them. That makes a Cancer over-protective, and a little clingy because they want to avoid what they fear losing the most.

Leo- Ahh the majestic, brave, and honorable Lion! Leo is a sign that appears to be afraid of nothing! They exude confidence, albeit not always gracefully, but they will stand up for things they want and feel they deserve in life. Famous Leo women include Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. A Leo absolutely loves the spotlight and craves attention or praise. This sign is very competitive, but also bright and magnetic. Leo loves to be surrounded by people, so much in fact that they are afraid of being alone, forgotten, or ignored. Leo feeds off positive reinforcement from others, laughter, clapping from an audience, or a sweet love note from a spouse. The worst possible feeling for a Leo is not having that attention and glory… So they will work tirelessly to earn the spotlight they desire. Ever wondered why a Leo works all the time, they feel compelled to be the best in their field and love being told that they are. Other famous Leo men are Barack Obama, Usain Bolt, Tom Brady and Jimmy Fallon. A true performer, Leo knows how to work a crowd and is not afraid of hard work or dedication to their craft. That’s what it takes to the best!

Virgo- The perfectionist and critic of the Zodiac is Virgo. This sign doesn’t mean to be harsh or critical, they can’t help but notice details. The Virgo brain is well adept and can spot even the tiniest error in appearances, grammar, or facts. They are great teachers, stylist, engineers and scientists because they adhere to protocol like nobodies business! This earth sign has the patience to notice and fix everything! Virgo is the cleanest and most organized sign too! So the one thing that bothers them the most, dare we say terrifies them, would be disorder. Chaos, uncleanliness, unorganized, disarray of things or thought is what scares Virgo the most. Moving items at a Virgo’s house can be a funny practical joke, but they will view it as a serious offense. Also people that are unkempt scare a Virgo. If you are trying to date this sign you have to be clean, well-spoken and dress nice!

Libra- The classy and popular Libra! This sign is most likely to have many friends and be well-known! Libras love working with others and see life as a partnership effort. Libra prefers to be on a team and for everything to be fair/balanced. In a perfect world, a Libra utopia, everyone would get along wonderfully and work together to solve problems! Libras make great politicians, authors and philopshers because they love the ideology of togetherness and peace. The worst thing in life for a Libra to encounter is fighting, unbalanced power and injustice. Also being alone is a fear too! Libra goes well with other social signs like Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries.

Scorpio- The deep, emotional, and possessive Scorpio might be that way for a reason. Underneath it all, a Scorpio is an intense lover and craves to be find their other half, someone that will share their feelings and reciprocate. They say a Scorpio either loves you or hates you, there is no grey area with this sign. But that is mostly due to the fact that Scorpios are fairly sensitive and cannot fathom the idea of being hurt emotionally. The biggest fear for a Scorpio is betrayal, this can mean cheating, stealing, lying, any form of infidelity is too much for a Scorpio to handle. It might take years for a Scorpio to fully get past a cheating spouse or backstabbing friend. It is the hardest thing in life for them to endure. So it’s not that Scorpio is trying to be mysterious or hidden, they are usually just guarding their heart. Because they value loyalty so much, a Scorpio is best paired with Taurus or Capricorn.

Sagittarius- The Archer is full of luck, optimism, and energy! A Sag is bluntly honest and has a healthy trust that life will workout as long as you put in the effort everyday for success. The ‘Go Big or Go Home’ mentality also applies to Sagittarius, they love to pick a goal and aim their arrow for it! Sagittarius babies are described as easy-going, social, and adventurous! This sign is enthusiastic about life and loves to stay positive. The biggest fear of a Sagittarius is anything that enforces rules or strict guidelines. This free spirit doesn’t like to be confined or forced to conform. The creative Sag doesn’t appreciate people that stifle their energy or discourage it. Some famous Sagittarius’ include Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Jay Z. Sagittarius needs to roam free and travel, literally this sign can’t be tamed!

Capricorn- The most serious sign in the Zodiac is the Goat (capricorn). As an earth sign, Capricorn has the innate urge to be successful and recognized for that success. They are most likely to put in longer hours at work, will not stop until they have reached a certain stature. Reputation is important to a Capricorn, they want to be celebrated for their achievements and always be seen in an honorable light. There is no denying that a Capricorn has a dutiful work ethic, these are the people that get the job done. Famous Capricorns include Ryan Seacrest, Lebron James, and Kate Middleton. The biggest fear or worry that a Capricorn might have is a loss of job or being laid off. Capricorns value family and take pride in always providing for their family, so to prevent this fear from becoming a reality, they will most likely have several jobs or sources of income! Take Ryan Seacrest as great example, he has many jobs, always working incase something fails… this is what scares a Capricorn the most!

Aquarius- Similar to Libra, Aquarius hopes to see peace in the world and hates to see anyone who is being mistreated or exploited. Aquarians biggest fear is being held back or seeing anyone else being held back in life. Oprah, Ellen, and Bob Marley are famous Aquarius personalities. The sign most likely to stick up for the underdog and be involved in charity work, social work and volunteer work is Aquarius. They see it as their life mission to help others that don’t have a voice or platform to defend themselves. This sign also fears institutions that they see as outdated and unprogressive. This can mean limitations on marriage, unfair forms of government and antiquated social norms.  Aquarius is the social butterfly of Astrology because they are humanistic and relate to all people.

Pisces- The sensitive and endearing Fish (Pisces), is always concerned about feelings and making sure other people are taken care of. A Pisces is intuitive and can feel the pain of others, so much in fact that they learn throughout their life to distance themselves from hurtful things, or people. A good friend, and caring person, Pisces biggest fear is being forced or rushed into something. Pisces tend to stay in their ‘dreamlike’ world and do not like to venture into the harsh reality, in attempt to prevent getting hurt. Like a Fish out of water, Pisces prefer to swim at their own pace and stay in their own space of fantasy and safety! The dull tasks of daily life, and rigid personalities scare Pisces! Letting a Pisces explore freely, and express love in their own individual way is the best way to protect a Pisces from hurt feelings. This sign is not all fragile, but they are sentimental and empathetic… so taking them out of their natural comfort zone, or pressuring them is not a good idea!

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