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June 17th – June 23rd, 2019, Aquarius accurate weekly horoscope

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Apart from Mars and Mercury continuing to push hard on the job front and meeting resistance from forces demanding that you pace yourself, this should be a good week. The week begins with a Full Moon in a social and serendipitous part of your chart, also known as a Wishing Moon. This is one of the best Full Moons of any year and not just because this can bring the laws of synchronicity into play. This is a Full Moon that will always confront the Sun at some point during his month long visit to a playful part of your chart, with a chance to challenge your excuses and push through any barriers. In a week when a balance between knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off is being put to the test, with the Sun in a playful part of your chart until the weekend and Venus for another 12 days after that, this brings them into the game at the perfect time. The answer to all this week's challenges is having the right balance between work and play.

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Aquarius free weekly horoscope June 17th – June 23rd, 2019

Both friends and strangers will be drawn to you at the start of the week as the Full Moon in Sagittarius energizes your social zone. The joy of being surrounded by admirers may level off on Tuesday and Wednesday if afflictions to Mercury diminish your positivity. Instead of ignoring the feeling, consider talking with someone wise for a fresh perspective. A Love Psychic can offer insights to get your heart back on track. Toward the weekend, the Summer Solstice on Friday proclaims the first day of Summer and encourages you to improve your wellbeing in the coming weeks. Also, a volunteer activity can bring romance on Saturday.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Aquarius June 17th – June 23rd, 2019

Fame is on the horizon. Yes, you will be recognized. You are too aloof to court fame, but you enjoy being for your intelligence and your mind. This is a very romantic phase for Aquarius natives. You are truly besotted with your partner and put great effort into your relationship. Education is something that forever appeals to air signs and you are no exception. You will be drawn towards new educational avenues and you will excel for you are quirky, clever and very determined. You always want to finish what you start. This is a wonderful time to save money. Put it towards future use. Turn your attention toward romance and love. These areas need rekindling, and you will not be disappointed once the fires are stoked!

This week will turn out to be quite an exciting phase of your life, especially where love is concerned. You will see some wonderful improvements take place in your love life. Some of you after making a few mistakes regarding your choice of partner will ultimately bump into someone who is just perfect for you. You cannot afford to waste time on doubts and hesitations this week.

This week, a transfer will show positive results. Some necessary risks that you take this week are likely to bring you success. Opportunities are indicated for those of you who are in the tourism sector. Therefore, continue your efforts, as you step-in the path of professional success. Working well under pressure comes easily to you. Your adaptability and flexibility are at its very best.

In terms of finance this week will bring good news to you, although there might be some problems at the end of the week. Your financial experience will come to your rescue and you will be able to solve this issue without much problem. There are also chances of a good financial deal. There are possibilities of big gains if you are willing to take that extra risk.

This may be a mixed week for you healthwise. Older people will have some alleviation in their blood pressure problems. Some of you may face digestive disorders, so do avoid oily foods and include fibre in your diet. Fever may plague you, so be careful. Women, be patient if you suffer from skin-related diseases.

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June 17th – June 23rd, 2019 Aquarius horoscope this week

You feel in harmony with yourself emotionally. Do not overestimate your strengths so you can keep the prosperity on your side. Persistence and patience are always rewarded. You are often inclined to forget that your impulsiveness is sometimes unreasonable and traumatizes others. Traveling abroad is undesirable, but if the circumstances are pressing do not sit behind the wheel. Consider what’s better – whether to go to a party or be alone for a while. The cycle’s celestial energy reveals that your plans need a new direction, yet you will not discover it in any of the more commonplace pursuits with which most people are usually happy. Talking honestly about how you feel could transform things more quickly than you think. You will get a surprising offer, but with you need to be careful your money. Be responsible, especially now.

If someone does not seem to be responding to your interest in them and you have been feeling a touch obsessed by the one in question, it may be best to turn your attention elsewhere – otherwise you risk making a fool of yourself. Hastiness, especially at this point, can only hurt you. Stabilize your relationships with the people around you. The celestial energy may leave you feeling not quite so forthcoming concerning a certain issue. Give yourself a chance to change when and if necessary. If you have the time to travel, take the opportunity. Your plans will go wrong because of an unexpected urgent encounter with influential people. The celestial configuration cordially inviting you to sit down and analyze your life from as many different perspectives as you can manage. Consider your words.

You have to work in support of your colleagues, which you may think they don’t deserve. Now it’s better to keep your head, and make a more informed decision later in time. If you continue to suppress your real emotions on present issues, you will suffer in the end. You will be enjoying happiness despite the difficulties on your way. To avoid stress, do not get too involved in the event of unpleasant news. Think clearly instead of acting haphazardly. Do not go on the road. This is a good time to consider plans for the future, and ways in which you can begin to put them into motion. Do not spend, pleased with future earnings, that you can’t expect too soon. Sometimes you have to be your outrageous self.

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Aquarius accurate weekly horoscope June 17th – June 23rd, 2019

During this week’s time, the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house will be occupied by the Moon. Additionally, the transit of Mars will take place in the sixth house. With the transit of Moon in your tenth house, situations at the workplace will improve at the beginning of the week. Your area of domain us also likely to increase during this week’s time. On the societal front, too, you will do well. Afterwards, the transit of the Moon will take place in your eleventh house, which is also known as the house of profits. Hence, you may lay your hands on economic opportunities. Familial life is expected to remain prosperous, but children may be a reason for your concern. At the workplace, you may get into an argument with your senior officials, as you are likely to disapprove of something said by them.
During midweek, the transit of Moon will take place in your twelfth house. During this while, you will get opportunities to take long distance trips. You may also devise a stable budget to lower your expenditures. Stay aware of your enemies as they may create hurdles in your works. The week will end with the Moon’s transit taking place in your first or ascendant house. Your mental peace will remain intact during this time, as many of your problems will come to an end. Clear thinking process will enable you to take many important decisions of life. Many virtues will get added to your personality. However, you may suffer from skin problems when the transit of the Moon takes place in the sixth house. Aquarius natives will also find it challenging to get a grip on subjects like mathematics. Thus, sincere hard work is required to obtain favourable results.
Meanwhile, the transit of Mars will also take place in the same house, because of which your courage may decline. During this time, it is necessary for you to handle property related matters with care. Natives belonging to Aquarius zodiac sign are advised to work on the relationship with their respective siblings.

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