August 5th – August 11th, 2019, Aquarius accurate weekly horoscope

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When there is a lot of planetary activity in your relationship this can put pressure on you and your relationship sector or at least that was your reality last year. Next week's Full Moon in Aquarius will be a chance to make sure your own needs aren't being neglected but even then, the relationship conditions couldn't be more positive. You begin the week with Mars and Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships still aligned here, while the Sun and Venus are moving towards an alignment. The relationship conditions couldn't be more ideal but it is support from planets in your communication and friendship sectors that make this a stunning week and the start of a stunning month for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. Meanwhile, Mercury is tying up loose ends on the job front, with the focus turning from a sprint to a marathon next week.

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Aquarius free weekly horoscope August 5th – August 11th, 2019

Excuse me, Aquarius, your solar seventh house of intimate connections is on fire. Please don’t attempt to ignore this with your usual detachment. This could be a lot of fun for you if you let it fire you up and get you out of your brilliant head for just a while. Let the friendly Fire signs sweep you along in the parade line. You will have a blast, if you do! If you are open to new love, let the connections happen, especially with Fire and Air signs this week. Consult with an Astrology Psychic for details.
If you’re partnered, pay attention, break out of the mold, and be sure to make your mate feel loved in a way that they can really understand. It will be worth it. If not, you may be calling in a demolition crew. (Just a metaphor, okay?)

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Aquarius August 5th – August 11th, 2019

Conduct conversations in a calm tone and restrained emotion. You should not insult and argue with your relatives if you are not satisfied with their assessments towards you. You will face difficulties and failures that you have caused yourself. Fate requires your obedience and patience if you want to finish the job. Evaluating the behavior of others and your own will protect you from mistakes. Find the shortest way to improve your material status. Don’t travel if it is not urgent. Your mistakes may completely change your main objectives for the period, but that will be in your favor. Your plans could need restructuring. Finish what is long overdue and meet your promises.

Romance is bound to be quite exciting during this period and if you have been waiting to meet that special someone who will take your breath away, then you may not have to do anything, as they could quite easily just appear before your eyes, like a bolt from the blue. It doesn’t have to be all go-go-go; you are allowed to slow down and be patient. Soon you will have an extra boost of confidence, which puts you in quite a mood and draws people to you with whom you are happy to interact and genuinely at ease. Don’t risk it when overcoming problems, as you may be worsening your relationships with the circles you’re in. The cycle’s celestial energy reveals that your plans need a new direction, yet you will not discover it in any of the more commonplace pursuits with which most people are usually happy. If you are preparing to travel, protect yourself from thieves and unfair people who want to get you involved in a joint venture. Although you may be tempted to do something drastic, chances are that you will adopt a reasonable approach and make changes gradually. Don’t over-analyze scenes and conversations that are swarming in your head from the past. Do not show selfishness.

Stabilize what has been achieved so far and enjoy a relax work atmosphere. The planetary alignment encourages you to feel passionate about almost everything. Those of you in real estate and trading will be successful. Planetary energy now may be a decisive factor in the way you perceive situations, so don’t make any judgments at this time, rather wait a while until you can make a more informed decision. Talking honestly about how you feel could transform things more quickly than you think. Money is often a very attractive proposition, and so is the thought of how to acquire more. The stars suggest an outing to one of your favorite beauty spots. You may need to assess something in your present by a different yardstick than the one that you have at present. You have set a goal that you have decided to achieve at all costs, but beware because you can unexpectedly fail. Actualize postponed meetings and contacts with people who are pleasant to be with.

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August 5th – August 11th, 2019 Aquarius horoscope this week

Moon will enter this week by transiting in the eight house in the week’s beginning. This house represents sudden events, results, and longevity. With Moon in the eighth house, you will encounter unnecessary tensions and remain stressed. These issues may lead to monetary loss, and there are chances of you undertaking a loan. You are required to analyze every situation in a detailed manner. Adding to it, your health may decline, and you will become prone to certain diseases. You are needed to maintain a balanced diet, and include water, fibrous food items and vitamins in it.
Next, the Moon will enter your ninth house or Bhagya Bhava, which represents fortune, long distance travelling, and father or Guru. As a result, your fortune will not favour you that much, and you will have to struggle a lot in attaining your goals. You may encounter various obstacles in the way, but will bravely face them and come out as a winner. Your professional life will be graced by the “luck factor”, and you will do good. Your reputation within the office, house as well as society will increase. Your family will count you as one of the most important members, and you will be lined among the influential people of the society. You will actively work for the welfare of the society, which will develop your image in a positive manner. On a familial front, your father's health will improve. If he was dealing with a chronic disease, he will be able to overcome it in this duration.
During the beginning of the midweek, Moon will enter your tenth house of profession, job and karma. This transit will be fruitful for you. Your work and efforts will be praised within your workspace by your seniors or coworkers. This professional success will earn you respect, status and authority within the office. Talking about your family life, it would be prosperous. Relationship with parents will become strong, and you will spend the best time of your life with them. Your spouse will support you in each and every situation, and prioritize your details and habits accordingly, which will deepen the love and bond between you two. You all can go out for a family picnic, dinner or head for a trip, which will bring all of you closer.
During midweek, Moon will get posited in the eleventh house of your birth chart, which depicts our income, gains, mental stress and elder siblings. The placement of the Moon in this house seems to be more troublesome than favourable. As a result, your stress levels will remain high. This will directly affect your behaviour, and you may act irritably or even rude. You may get into a tiff with any family member or coworker, and can become aggressive while approaching the whole situation. Hence, think before you speak and don’t let small things get in your way. Time is not good for kids, as there are chances of them getting down with health diseases. Also, they are likely to remain distracted from their studies by spending more time on social media or hanging out with their friends etc. Therefore, monitor your kids’ eating habits and look whether or not they are taking a well-balanced diet. In this duration, you are likely to have monetary gains and strengthen your finances.
Mars is also making a transit in the seventh house of this zodiac sign, which tells about one’s partnerships in life, marital and love life and import-export business. This transit doesn’t seem to be beneficial for Aquarians. Anger and arguments will take house in your marital life, which will create stress between you two. Hereby, you are advised to do breathing exercises to calm yourself down, and try and approach the matter with a better viewpoint. On the other hand, your business may decrease, and you won’t be able to earn the desired revenue. There is a possibility of you being conned by your business partner into doing something which was visibly fruitful but destructive in hindsight. Remain alert while making monetary transactions and do not sign any paper of work without reading or researching about it.

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