August 12th – August 18th, 2019, Aquarius accurate weekly horoscope

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In terms of the sheer number of planets involved, the main focus this week is on your relationships, which in turn is drawing in developments on the friendship and communication fronts. As we move into the new week Jupiter is already in the process of turning direct in your friendship sector and this is going to give all aspects of your social life the green light. This comes just as Eris, in retrograde motion in your communication sector is having an extremely good week. Yet it is Mercury, the planet of communication's return to your relationship sector on Monday that not only adds to both the communication and relationship support but creates a unique situation. With the Sun, Venus and Mars already here, this puts all the faster moving planets in the same place, at the same time, for the first time since October 2017. This creates an auspicious week for communication, friendship and relationship building. Yet a Full Moon in Aquarius midweek will ensure your own needs aren't forgotten.

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Aquarius free weekly horoscope August 12th – August 18th, 2019

During the Full Moon in your sign late this week, you’ll be ultra original, and top even yourself, for innovation and creativity in lovemaking. The fiery surge of planetary activity casts heat onto you by easy aspects now. It will be best to let your intimate other lead the way because your solar seventh is red hot with energy. Earlier in the week, with the moon in Capricorn lighting up your solar twelfth, you may have found yourself wanting to be a bit reclusive and steal away to someplace quiet for a day. Do it, Aquarius, because you’ll need the reserves at week’s end when Jupiter, now direct in your solar eleventh, lights up your calendar with tons of party invitations!

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Aquarius August 12th – August 18th, 2019

Recognition and prosperity are guaranteed if you look closely to what is happening around you. Eventual circumstances will force you to uphold your principles, but you may not succeed at the very moment, so keep calm. Don’t risk it when overcoming problems, as you may be worsening your relationships with the circles you’re in. The alignment of the planets will certainly bring a whole range of emotions, that are likely to be wild and fiery, and not at all “nicely” expressed. Some special events could be on the horizon, and will have a more profound effect on your life than you can currently appreciate. A journey, you may need to take, will be tense and related to unpleasant conversations which you’ll be obliged to carry through. If your plans are promising and you can convince the people around, you will get support and help. Some deep and careful thought on the subject that concerns you may be of great value now. Difficulties are temporary and are mainly related to your financial status. Chaos and inefficiency are two situations that you need to try and avoid at all costs.

This period could be quite passionate, so if you are going out on a date, be prepared for anything, as intense feelings may be released and you may even get the impression that you have known this person before somehow, as you both seem to get on so well – you will find this relationship very rewarding if you can keep pace with it. Your self-esteem is high. Do not reject invitations from friends even if you are tired. Persistence and patience are always rewarded. The period is tense but nevertheless allows you to engage in considering what you have been planning for a long time. Suggestions for seemingly useful changes may be related to future difficulties that will surprise you unpleasantly. Evaluate and discuss your new ideas. Perhaps you could arrange to go out somewhere you have never been, but always wanted to go. Be responsible, especially now.

If you have arranged business meetings, be careful and do not miss the smallest detail and nuances in the conversations. Now you prefer solitude – indulging in self-analysis or doing everyday tasks without others disturbing you. You have everything you need to make this an extremely successful period wherever you happen to be. Don’t challenge Fate with thoughtless endeavors because of your impatience, rather take the time to assess the situation with calmness. Observe how others react to you and then notice the part you may be playing in encouraging a positive response. Change is in the air, and you can make the most of opportunities to revolutionize the way you perceive reality. This is a good time to put your money toward something meaningful – something that will help you. Unexpected twists can change your plans, which you should not regret. Your trips will be successful, especially if you are going to see an old friend. Difficulties will help you prove what you’re capable of.

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August 12th – August 18th, 2019 Aquarius horoscope this week

The week will begin with Moon making its transit through your eleventh house. You will have to remain patient during this time. Student natives especially, can have to face obstacles in their studies. Aquarius natives will have to wait in order to fulfill their desires, though your earnings are expected to increase. There are chances of getting into an argument over some matter with the senior officials at your workplace. In such a situation, you need to keep yourself calm. Moon will soon move on to your twelfth house and bring possibilities of a journey along. This trip will not only cause an increase in your expenses but can also become the reason of physical pain for you. Your opponents will also become stronger in this time. Therefore, you should avoid any clashes with them. As we enter the third quarter of the week, Moon will continue its transit through your first house. You will be completely ready to face all challenges now but can remain restless over something in this duration. You will need to control your anger too, because you can get into a conflict.

Moving on, Moon will enter your second house during the weekend. This position of the luminary planet in your House of Wealth and Possessions indicates monetary profits through controversies. You can receive some good news from your maternal side. As this house is also used to determine about our family (kutumb), hence you will see harmony amongst the members of your household during the weekend. In this duration, Venus and the Sun will also be making their transits through your seventh house. This house is the significator of your married life and various partnerships in life. The influence of Venus will bring more love and romance in your conjugal life and you will become even more attracted towards your spouse. However, you may face some ups and downs in your business but will have fate on your side during this time. However, the influence of Sun, on the other hand, can bring some tensions in your marital life and the health of your spouse can suffer too. Both of your egos will clash, bringing further problems. On the flip side, Sun will bring profits for your business.

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