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September 19th, 2019, Aquarius daily horoscope for today

what's aquarius horoscope for today

As he moves into his final two weeks in your financial sector, just knowing that he won't be back until 2021 was going to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit. Yet aligned with Pluto in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart, the planets of war and revolution have come together to fuel your financial confidence, passions, insights and imagination. While the Sun continues to keep the solar spotlight on money matters in a realistic and objective way, Mars is giving you the confidence to take your financial power back.

Although we might not be quick to admit it, a bit of tension in a relationship can be healthy. Where a relationship is concerned, you might feel it's necessary to be defensive or prime yourself for confrontation. However, as irritating or awkward as someone might be, concealed within their message or actions are two things. The first might be fear. The second is a keenness on your part to listen. By being willing to do so, you can succeed in putting their mind at ease.

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Aquarius free horoscope prediction September 19th 2019

General Overview: Early AM vibes are super cozy, but when you get out into the world, it feels weird. Don’t mind the void of course moon. Everything will be a little wonky until the moon moves into Gemini later in the day. However, keep an eye on that Scorpio who claims to have your back. They may later stab you in it.

Love/Friendship: Satiating your sexual craving might require something a little different from the standard fare. Articulate your desires to your lover rather than sending confusing signals in an effort to make him or her figure it out. If you’re single, an encounter with someone from your younger days could be exhilarating. It could also get a little weird if you venture too far down memory lane.

Career/Finance: Closed-door negotiations can put you in a more favorable position with a work or money matter. Don’t jump the gun and make a big reveal. It’s best to keep your plans on a strictly need to know basis until you’re prepared to take the next step.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: All the work you’ve done is working. With a powerful Mars/Pluto alignment energizing your emotions, transformation is within reach. No matter what you’re facing, you possess the strength and resilience to weather the storm. You might be ready to face a difficult episode from your past. Confronting your pain helps you reclaim your power. Get set to release the past and welcome the future.

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Astrology of Aquarius for today September 19th 2019

The planets are radiating an energy that is bringing you into the limelight more than ever. At new meetings, do not miss your chance to create useful partnerships. You must not be impatient, only because of minuscule obstacles on the road. You are to expect a period of prosperity that will be remembered with solving many problems. The present astral energy encourages you to think about your future. The vibration from the planets encourages you to arrange an outing somewhere beautiful. The period’s planetary configuration brings all kinds of creative and inspiring opportunities to make plans for the future. You are looking forward to useful changes. Improve your financial situation by preparing and signing contracts with banking institutions. Life has to change and transform on a continuous basis in order to remain fresh and interesting.

Pluto can act unpredictably, so you will need more strength and diplomacy to use his energies to your advantage and to be able to sort them in the desired direction, you will have to change the way you think of love and to establish new personal rules. The current planetary alignment may create a feeling of conflict within you. Be patient and understanding of people’s intense mood swings, including your own. Current circumstances may force you to argue and stand your point of view. You will be angry with your loved ones because they may ignore your ideas and plans. Change of a most positive kind is in the air. Trying to analyze a certain point beyond complete exhaustion won’t get you any further toward a decision. Your trips will be unsuccessful and you need to postpone them. Actualize postponed meetings and contacts with people who are pleasant to be with.

Do not risk, the non-standard approach to solving business problems won’t help you at the moment. Now is a great time to slow down and take things a little easy. The astral energy creates the right mood to make you feel very wanted and needed. The work you are doing will not be very successful Trust that you can earn money doing something you are passionate about. This is the perfect time to arrange an outing. Problems with people in your environment are a real possibility and you will resolve them if you act only after detailed analysis. Challenges are coming your way that will help you find a new approach to solve your personal problems. The period is filled with plans and new hopes. Sometimes you have to be your outrageous self.

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September 19th 2019 Aquarius zodiac sign online forecast

You are likely to spend your time in sports to maintain your physical stamina. Be careful not to get roped into dubious financial deals. Health of some female member in the family may cause worries. Your love partner will surprise you with something really beautiful today. Keep your ears and eyes open when interacting with important people – as you could pick up a valuable tip. Not a very good day for traveling. Things look really fabulous when it comes on your marital life.

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