October 9th, 2019, Aquarius daily horoscope for today

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The Moon's return to your income sector today comes with perfect timing. Even though the Moon's return is just as beneficial for Mercury, a week after his return to your career sector, as Venus spends her first full day here the advantage is even more significant. For as the planet of money, Venus has returned to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. A sharp nose for money from the get go gives Venus a chance to be more immediately effective.

I've never tried it but have been told a bed of nails isn't entirely uncomfortable. It seems impossible for something that looks like it is intended to inflict pain to offer any level of comfort. But then again, why would any of us go to such lengths when other, more acceptable and pleasing options exist? Don't feel resigned to accepting a level of discomfort in your world now. It is temporary and pales in comparison to what you could enjoy or experience with a more open mind.

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Aquarius free horoscope prediction October 9th 2019

General Overview: With the moon void of course in your sign, you might feel sensitive and out of sync with what’s happening around you. Keep a low profile in the morning. You’ll be on an even keel after the moon moves into Pisces. For now, just know that a shrewd Scorpio in your professional circle is the one to watch.

Love/Friendship: The glamorous Pisces Moon syncing with sultry Venus in Scorpio gives you a super dreamy and romantic vibe. It’s the kind of mystical allure that turns heads when you walk into a room. If you want to get someone’s attention, there’s no time like the present. Dress up in your most appealing outfit and put your best face forward.

Career/Finance: A grand plan may require significant funding. It could be doable, although you aren’t likely to make sound choices while the airy Libra Sun is at odds with dodgy Neptune in Pisces. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The more desperate you are to have things work out, the more willing you are to take risks. Don’t be fooled, Aquarius. If you want to get your money’s worth, you’ll wait this out.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Defending your beliefs to someone doesn’t convince them you’re right. It reveals that you’re not entirely convinced of the validity of your ideals. Instead of being reactive, take a moment to explore why being challenged strikes a nerve.

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Astrology of Aquarius for today October 9th 2019

You may experience difficult times ahead of you, so better arm with patience. The key to prosperity is your conscientiousness. It’s possible that you complicate the relationship with your partner, due to inattentiveness. Try not to be mad with people around you. Soon you may feel the need to change your environment in part because you will think you have enemies you want to move away from. You may need time to observe and analyze another side of your current situation before you take action. Recent changes help you realize that your hopes will not match with your expectations. Improve your financial situation by preparing and signing contracts with banking institutions. Traveling abroad is undesirable, but if the circumstances are pressing do not sit behind the wheel. Actualize postponed meetings and contacts with people who are pleasant to be with.

You are inclined to treat love very seriously, but Venus influences you and you will soon feel an irresistible desire for freedom, which foretells love adventures, new impressions and an interesting acquaintance. Be patient, whatever happens around you. You lack enough confidence, because of your own uncertainty. Set up a meeting with someone who can help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Refuse a trip that is costly and will reduce your savings. You enjoy success in life, but it is good to make real assessment of the situation you are in. You will be entirely in the hands of your striving for a new beginning amid this cycle. Your plans will either undergo a major correction, or you will not accomplish them at all. Difficulties will help you prove what you’re capable of.

Do not react painfully to critical remarks that are not aimed at you and reconcile yourself to the task you are about to do, because it will help you shine with your abilities. The intensity of your emotions may make themselves known, and you could find it impossible to stop yourself from being carried away in a frenzy of delight. Be patient with others and try to compromise. It’s possible your endeavors to fail during this period, if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Observe what is happening, make the right conclusions about your personal development. Engage in discussion of future tasks you have planned for a long time, but have not yet begun. You can travel and visit your relatives, but be careful behind the wheel. Money problems are likely to be at the forefront of your mind. By working on your issues, most likely by talking them through, some amazing changes will take place. Be prepared for difficulties that are easy to deal with if you keep calm and show firmness in your mind.

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October 9th 2019 Aquarius zodiac sign online forecast

You need to exhibit extreme courage and strength as you face some traumas. You could easily overcome these by your optimistic attitude. Real estate investment would be lucrative. Do not share your personal matters with the casual acquaintances. You will meet a caring and understanding friend. Don't let anyone take credit for the jobs you do. Some of you will undertake a distant journey-which will be hectic-but highly rewarding. Today, you will realize that your marriage had never been so beautiful.

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