October 24th, 2019, Aquarius daily horoscope for today

what's aquarius horoscope for today

Today's stars might be sending mixed messages but this will be your reality for the rest of the year. As the Sun spends his first full day in your career sector and the solar spotlight revealing just how many options you have across the income, work and career fronts, this is a day for having your professional hat on. However, not so fast because with Mars in his first full day on his own in an adventurous part of your chart, a passion for adventure has just become a lot stronger. This isn't a case of either/or, with a balance between work and play no longer a choice.

A fine line could exist between what is and isn't someone else's business. However, others might have a vested interest in aspects of your world that you wish they weren't so keen to be involved with or knowledgeable about. This could, in turn, cause you to have concerns about whether it would be wise or helpful to instigate uncomfortable conversations. Trust that what you want to remain your business isn't at risk of becoming common knowledge without your say-so.

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Aquarius free horoscope prediction October 24th 2019

General Overview: The Waning Crescent Moon is about clearing the deck and preparing for a new cycle. For you, this means paying bills and returning what you’ve borrowed. You can rely upon a Capricorn to keep you on track, so reach out to them if you’re feeling a bit scattered.

Love/Friendship: The deep connection you feel with someone you’re close to has a steadying effect as the earthy Virgo Moon aligns with strengthening Saturn. This calm and grounding energy makes you feel safe and protected. It isn’t about what’s said; it’s about someone being consistent in their actions and proving that they’re someone that you can rely on. If you have yet to find your rock, go for the person that follows through without making a fuss rather than the flashy catch that’s never around when you need them.

Career/Finance: Money business is more like funny business as a messy moon/Neptune opposition mucks up your finances. You can’t trust that the check is in the mail. Nor can you believe that someone whose decisions impact your finances is being completely straight with you. At best, there’s innocent confusion about what’s going on. At worst, it’s a case of deceit. Wait until all the facts and figures are in before you sound the alarm.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Getting your life in order, inside and out, isn’t glamorous, but it’s necessary. Hit the gym, and spend time cleaning up clutter and organizing your space. You’ll be happy that you did it.

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Astrology of Aquarius for today October 24th 2019

The astral alignment puts you in a very optimistic and slightly surreal mood. Be even-tempered or you will have to deal with troubleshooting problems which can be very time-consuming. Proceed in your life with the realization that if you are rational you will succeed. Now is time to conduct urgent conversations and meetings with relatives. This cycle will give you the opportunity to deeply analyze the behavior of people around which will bring great benefit. Tensions around you can intensify if you believe in unpleasant news fabricated by your enemies. Only allow people who you can rely on to be close to your plans. Keep an eye out for a short-term investment or bonus. Your trips will be successful if you are careful behind the wheel. Overcoming difficulties is in your favor.

This period has all chances of becoming one of the most favorable for your personal life, because Venus will make you attractive and will give you an optimistic mood that will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. If you can be patient, everything will be fine. There is a real flow of energy now, and the vibrations are wonderful for creating a great mood of harmony in you. Look for new acquaintances, but base your search on intellectual similarity. You are blindfolded in endeavors that you have not fully evaluated, so reconsider the details once more. It may be a good idea to settle down with some travel brochures and plan break somewhere exotic. You will get long-awaited information. The period’s planetary configuration brings all kinds of creative and inspiring opportunities to make plans for the future. Reconsider your future ideas and plans.

Business calls will be successful. You are now subject to many controversies you have created yourself. If you are in the process of an important decision, don’t go rushing into anything. The key to prosperity is your conscientiousness. Recent changes help you realize that your hopes will not match with your expectations. Make a trip if you’re sure it will fill you with good memories. Expect revenue. Your plans could need restructuring. Dissect your actions over the past days and try to avoid problematic behavior. Do not run away from reality and don’t trust unverified information.

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October 24th 2019 Aquarius zodiac sign online forecast

You may get rid from prolong illness. You could find yourself in an exciting new situation-which will also bring you financial gains. Think before sharing your confidential information with your spouse. If possible, try to avoid as she might reveal it to someone else. Unexpected romantic inclination will cloud your mind towards the evening. Do not enter into any joint venture- as partners will try to take advantage of you. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. Your spouse will appreciate you today praising all nice about you and falling for you again.

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