October 9th, 2019, Cancer daily horoscope for today

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To have the Moon return to an adventurous part of your chart during Venus' first full day in a playful part, will add to the playful and adventurous forces that were already in play. This comes as your professional year is gathering steam and in the process creates a need to take work/life balance seriously. There have been several clashes between planets on the home and professional fronts over recent weeks, all bringing work/life balance reminders. However, it is only now that you are starting to realise how important this is.

Sometimes, we become caught in a 'mental tug-of-war' regarding what we know we should let go of and can identify reasons to retain it. We grow used to what we know is less than desirable, but the thought of inviting change can outweigh the need to release it. You have an opportunity to free yourself from a situation you no longer need to cling so strongly or securely to. Don't be concerned about the gap that will appear by letting go. The universe has plans for that.

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Cancer free horoscope prediction October 9th 2019

General Overview: An intense encounter in the morning could be unsettling due to the void of course moon. It might be best for all parties concerned if you keep a low profile until after lunch. An entertaining Libra will be your best playmate in the meantime and afterwards.

Love/Friendship: A fact-finding mission might be required to find out what you need to know about someone you’re crushing on. Today’s helpful alignment between inquisitive Mercury and probing Pluto could inspire you to do some online sleuthing. If you’re coupled, a candid discussion with your partner could be very revealing. If you’re going to ask deeply personal questions, you’ll need to be respectful and tread with care.

Career/Finance: It’s best to stick with what’s useful rather than exploring wild ideas that aren’t relevant to your current assignment. You could get a little lost with an awkward sun/Neptune alignment in play. Taking a more practical approach will produce the results you’re looking for. The sun’s angle to nurturing Ceres says that you’ll derive a sense of purpose from making a contribution that in some way serves others. Or, at least, successfully fulfills the requirements of your assignment and paves the way for the next stage of development.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Are you being authentic? Or are you presenting yourself in a way you know that people will respond to? If it’s the latter, you could soon discover that you’re no longer interested in playing a role.

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Astrology of Cancer for today October 9th 2019

The energy radiating from the planets may encourage some very deep feelings to surface. There will be new people in your life who will bring new ideas and opportunities for revelation – they will help you look at your life from a different perspective. Your prosperity and recognition are awaiting you, in spite of the difficulties you face. Do not risk and keep calm, however much you don’t approve of about that what is happening around you. The planets promise you excellent self-confidence and spiritual harmony if you remember that self-assessment benefits you. You will succeed with your planned trips. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Do without hesitation the changes considered in the past days. Plan your time with accordance to priorities. Greed harms you.

The planets occupy a strong position and promise a period of love and complete unity with your mate – this is a sign that love and marital relationships will be important, also – lone representatives of the sign are capable of attracting people who have a high social status or special qualities . Stabilize what has been achieved so far and harmonize your relationships with others. Take your time and be patient. If you continue to suppress your real emotions on present issues, you will suffer in the end. Change of a most positive kind is in the air. If you are to travel soon, check again if all your documents are intact. Evaluate your steps, think over your actions, and avoid the wrong path. Whether someone close approves of your plans or not, it should not stop you from carrying them through to the end. Be foreseeing and equitable.

Your professional duties require you to find unconventional solutions to the problems you’re presented with. Don’t show anxiety. Assert control over emotion. If you have your own production, success will be with you. Your trips will be successful, especially if you are going to see an old friend. Give yourself a chance to change when and if necessary. Take on seriously your tasks that help you carry out your plans. This is a time when you have to consider the more practical and materialistic aspects of your daily existence that will help bring a sense of perspective, which could be just what you need. Do not allow yourself to lose money because of your misconduct. Do not turn your back on your principles.

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October 9th 2019 Cancer zodiac sign online forecast

Spend some time with close friends in order to relax. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. Friends and spouse brings comfort and happiness to you otherwise a dull and slow day. Little chance to escape from the Cupid's arrow. You will reach your goals through hard work and patience. Today there will be lot of issues- which need immediate attention. Today, you will realize that how much you mean to your better-half.

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