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July 8th – July 14th, 2019, Capricorn accurate weekly horoscope

what's capricorn horoscope for today

While there is a break in the intensity after last week's solar eclipse and before rising again during next week's lunar eclipse in Capricorn, there is a lot you are able to do behind the scenes. The difference this week is that everything is more transparent and you will have a better sense of where any pressure is coming from and it might not be from where you thought it was. Stresses at work or in your relationships might be a result of outside stresses or pressure. As you can't change what you can't see, this week offers a chance to simply observe, without a need to reinvent the wheel. Often simply being aware is enough, especially when it comes to being aware of where you might be giving your power away. In the meantime, Mercury and Mars come together to make this a good week for money matters, including a chance to take your financial power back and spend time back at the drawing board.

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Capricorn free weekly horoscope July 8th – July 14th, 2019

Love may take you on a bumpy ride this week. First of all, the sun opposing stoic Saturn in your sign on Monday will challenge you to lower your defenses and open up to make love bloom. The same can be said this weekend as the sun opposes power-hungry Pluto, also in your sign. Next comes a Mars-Uranus clash on Thursday, which can trigger rash behavior in a close relationship. On the upside, following your intuition on Friday can lead you to a message that influences your future in a positive way. A Love Psychic can reveal what the future holds for your heart.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Capricorn July 8th – July 14th, 2019

You are enjoying a period of luck right now, which continues to flourish with time. Others may envy you this, and the more self-conscious side of you may feel threatened by this, but ultimately this simply reassures you that you are doing something right. With Venus in Gemini, you think about family and children. You may fret about their futures. You have all the hallmarks of a great parent. You value discipline, structure and organisation, but you need to learn to loosen up and relinquish control of the reigns from time to time to truly enjoy what parenthood is all about, which is the experience of helping another human to fulfil their life’s purpose, even if it may differ from your own. Mars in Cancer suggests love will advance upon you. This is a harmonious period for marriage. Plans may not come to fruition as expected, which can be difficult for a sign so concerned with structure as yourself. Nonetheless, things fall into place in their own time.

Some of you could ponder over the direction your love life is taking. Unattached singles would meet someone special this week and fall in love. The week would prove to be considerably better for the married couples also as they would be able to resolve their differences finally much to the satisfaction and happiness of all concerned.

This week there may be some kind of confusion on the career front. You may be undecided about certain decisions that you need to make. However, there`s nothing to worry about as you`ll find a solution by taking the advice of a career counsellor. Use your creative skills to the maximum to further your career this week. A good week for those in artistic fields.

This week avoid losing your temper as much as possible. Think over the matter carefully before you make any decisions when it comes to property. Put off the idea of selling your property altogether till a later date when it could fetch you a much better price. Take the advice of a financial expert before making any investments. Keep your purse-strings tight this week. Make the best possible use of your hard earned money.

Health wise, this week is stable for most of you and you will not face any major health problems. You will definitely find a solution to the stomach related problems that have been troubling you for the past few days. You need to take up an exercise regimen and follow it regularly to improve your health. Children should not be allowed to play in the hot sun as they could run the risk of sunburn and skin infections.

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July 8th – July 14th, 2019 Capricorn horoscope this week

Your ideas will be supported if tactically and not too insistently put them up for discussion. In urgent meetings and conversations, be careful with your words so you don’t create problems and leave the wrong impression on people. You’re under the heavy influence of emotion. Those of you in real estate and trading will be successful. There is a great deal of pent up energy within you and you need to rid yourself of it by taking a long walk or a jog. Try to avoid financial losses. Try not to analyze everything some are saying, and why they might be saying it. You are tempted to embark on changes just because you have accidentally been at the center of important events. Reflect on your plans for the near future. Do not be tempted to venture into reckless adventures.

Given the planetary lineup, you will need to watch you are not trying to hang on to the past as far as a certain relationship is concerned… if someone close to you has hinted that they think it is time you went your separate ways, and you know deep in your heart this is the right thing to do, don’t resist for old time’s sake. Don’t show anxiety. In order to avoid the mischief of your enemies – don’t share your intentions. At the immediate moment you need to resolve your problems, but are overwhelmed by emotions that push your thoughts in a different direction and you must first master them. Analyze your actions carefully. If you had any grand plans for a social outing or traveling, then you may have to scale them down substantially. Only allow people who you can rely on to be close to your plans. Consider whether changes are in your favor. The more you can expand all aspects of your mental, emotional, and physical life, the better.

Unpleasant conversations at work are to be expected. Success is with you if you are employed in a creative field. Forget the haste if you need to start new tasks. The astral energy creates the right mood to make you feel very wanted and needed. It is not in your favor to make changes to your personal life. Travel only if you are sure that you will carry out your intentions. Revenues are an excellent starting point for stabilizing your material position. Your plans are getting away from reality. This is a very analytical time for you. Difficulties will help you prove what you’re capable of.

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Capricorn accurate weekly horoscope July 8th – July 14th, 2019

At the beginning of the week, the Moon will remain posited in your ninth house. It will then move forward to make its transit in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house of your zodiac sign. Your good fortune will get enhanced when the transit of the Moon takes place in your ninth house, due to which you will gain auspicious results. If there is an ongoing dispute with your father, then it may get resolved during this period. He will also come forward to support you during this period. At the same time, you may also have to go on a trip, which will reap the fruits of success. You will get inclined towards religious activities and spend some of your economic resources on the same. Profits may also be availed from a new source of income. After this, the transit of Moon will occur in the eighth house, and with its influence, an environment of happiness will prevail in your familial life. At this time, you may also pay attention towards decorating your house. If anyone is making plans to buy a new house, then it should be put into action. On the domestic front, the health of the parents will remain stable, and you will also be at peace within your workspace.
During midweek, the Moon’s transit in the eleventh house will create prospects for you to earn profits from a property or any other peculiar source. If any case was stuck due to any government official, you can get success in it. Besides light cold and cough, health will remain stable. You will be able to earn money suddenly with the help of a special person. After this, due to the transit of the Moon in the twelfth house during the weekend will require you to pay attention towards your expenses. Along with the depletion of your financial assets, your health may also remain under the weather during this time. You will also find yourself surrounded by mental problems. Prospects for overseas journeys may rise, but some of your financial assets may get procured for the same.

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