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September 15th, 2019, Capricorn daily horoscope for today

what's capricorn horoscope for today

Every planet in the solar system will be opposed by the Moon once every four weeks, making pressure on Venus and Mercury something routine, normal and mundane. The difference is that for the first time this year it is happening while the Moon is making its monthly check in on home and family matters, just days after Venus and Mercury's return to your career sector. This is when the 10 months the asteroid Pallas has just spent in your career sector comes into its own, for she did clash with the Moon each month. These work/life balance reminders are familiar and with things starting to take off professionally, they are timely as well.

Fairy godmothers and genies don't seem to have to involve any vetting processes when it comes to granting wishes. They appear to have the power to grant wishes instantly. That means we need to be extra careful about what we wish for! A development you wanted to experience some time ago could be on offer. However, you might need to ask yourself if it really is as important to you now as it once was.

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Capricorn free horoscope prediction September 15th 2019

General Overview: Making a silly mistake could be a sign that you’re tired or stressed. Keep your commitments to a minimum and give yourself time to decompress. Specifically, if a demanding Aries rings you up, let the call go to voicemail. You don’t need any of their stress in your life today.

Love/Friendship: With a nurturing moon/Ceres alignment in play, there’s nothing more calming than the comforts of home. It will be relaxing to chill with your partner or enjoy your downtime hanging out with a low-maintenance friend. Forget about slaving over a stove or feeling pressured to provide entertainment. Why not order in and watch a movie?

Career/Finance: Being fuzzy about the details of what you’re doing could get you into trouble. With a provoking Mars/Neptune opposition in place, you can’t afford to get lax with the facts. If you messed up or don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t pay to get defensive. In fact, it could make things a lot worse. Own your mistakes and fix them, pronto. If you’re on the receiving end of deception or incompetence, it’s best to avoid making threats.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: The problem with being a high achiever is that it can be devastating when you slip up and make a mistake. Weirdly, it might be good for you if you flubbed more often. It will teach you that a misstep isn’t the end of the world.

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Astrology of Capricorn for today September 15th 2019

Feelings are intense, and a situation may be about to blow sky high. Success is yours if you aren’t afraid to take a risk. You do not accept criticism because you see it as frivolous. The energy of the stars may cause you to act irrationally when really, you need to calm down and be patient. You can expect minimal revenue. The planets promise news related to a close friend that will surprise you pleasantly. Think about the new ideas you were offered to save yourself from downfall and losses. The current astral energy may disrupt some of your best-laid plans, but there could be a very good reason for this. The moment is not suitable for trips. Do not allow harmful people in your life.

There is every chance that someone you encounter will prove tantalizingly attractive, and even remind you of a very special person you once knew and were very fond of, so if you decide to take this further, you certainly won’t regret it, and nor will they! You will get the feeling that someone is playing games with you, and yet you will not be able to prove that this is the case.. you could just be feeling very insecure. You must not be impatient, only because of minuscule obstacles on the road. The emergence of worrying unresolved family problems is a possibility now, so act before it’s too late. Set out to rethink your plans for new activities if you consider them profitable for you. The moment is suitable for a journey involving the beginning of new activities, especially if it’s abroad. In this period, you need to analyze every word you hear. Do not aim for success through unexpected changes. Do not allow to be constrained and do not run counter to your principles.

Do not start a new activity in your job if you haven’t considered everything in detail. Be even-tempered or you will have to deal with troubleshooting problems which can be very time-consuming. You seem to be in a particularly ardent and adventurous mood. During this time, you will need to tune more into your intuitive side to reap the success you are looking for. Amid this cycle, you need to be careful when making important decisions and thoughtless changes. You may need to assess something in your present by a different yardstick than the one that you have at present. Stars give you the confidence to make bigger plans in the future. Do not spend, pleased with future earnings, that you can’t expect too soon. Your trips will be unsuccessful and you need to postpone them. Be at peace with yourself.

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September 15th 2019 Capricorn zodiac sign online forecast

Today you are under magic spell of hope. Don't spend too much on entertainment or cosmetic improvement. In a happy-energetic-loving mood-your jovial nature brings joy and happiness to those around you. Your courage would win the love. Your communication skills would be impressive. Today, you will get to spend the best evening of your life with your spouse. You might spend some of your time in grooming yourself, as an attractive personality is important for creating a better version of yourself.

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