October 13th, 2019, Capricorn daily horoscope for today

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While today's Full Moon might create some professional pressure or work/life balance tension, this has to be seen as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Today's Full Moon is a clash between the Moon on the home and the Sun on the career front and is something that plays out at this time every year. However, this year both sides are a lot more empowered, making it important to see this as a chance to address any work/life balance issues. Opportunities might be exploding professionally, but it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

When poker players lay their cards on the table, a moment of truth arrives. Something is brought into the open for all to see. Players can't choose to display part of their hand and hope that doing so might indicate whether they should reveal their full hand! Similarly, you could be approaching a 'now or never' situation. If you feel the time is right to disclose what has been partially revealed to a certain person, then do so.

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Capricorn free horoscope prediction October 13th 2019

General Overview: It doesn’t have to be a struggle between your profession and your personal life. Find the sweet spot where you can give both areas what they need. But don’t be afraid to ask for help either. Look to a helpful and compassionate Cancer to lighten your load.

Love/Friendship: If a platonic pal is flirting with you, it could get awkward. The line between friendship and romance blurs as affectionate Venus in your friendship zone opposes unpredictable Uranus in the realm that rules your love life. Make sure that you’re not sending out the wrong signal. If this change of status is something that you’re into, you should know that this has the potential to get very, very weird.

Career/Finance: Even though you’re focused on work, the impassioned Aries Full Moon demands that you press pause on professional matters and give some love to your home and family life. The pressure is on to step up and be more present for your inner circle of loved ones and to devote more time to cultivating your ideal home life. Stability in your personal life provides the foundation for worldly success. That should be motivation enough to get your house in order, literally and metaphorically.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You won’t sit idly by when someone requires assistance. A Mars/Ceres alignment encourages you to act on the impulse to perform a charitable deed or random act of kindness. It’s money in the karmic bank.

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Astrology of Capricorn for today October 13th 2019

Deal with old family problems that are not subject to a new postponement. The stars speak of an approaching failure, but you will learn an important lesson from it. It may be better to slow down instead of speeding up, as you don’t want to jump into anything too fast and then discover you have made a mistake. You have doubts about the correctness of your own positions. You may feel as though you are balancing on the edge of a precipice but you can take swift action to make a change and you can do so in such a way that what transpires actually improves your life for the better. You are at a time that allows you realization of your plans. Proper evaluation will help you make the right conclusions and take the necessary action. Your trips will be successful. Expect excellent financial profit. Take measure of your words and actions carefully.

The Sun, Mercury and the planet of love – Venus pass through the partner house, these planets form a harmonious aspect with Uranus, which predicts positive changes. During this period you will not be feeling in the greatest of moods, and could find it difficult to whip up any kind of enthusiasm for what is to come. Keep calm and don’t immediately share your joys with your neighbors because they are envious. Planetary energy now may be a decisive factor in the way you perceive situations, so don’t make any judgments at this time, rather wait a while until you can make a more informed decision. Be careful behind the wheel, and if you can avoid it – it’s best not to travel. Try to judge your own actions from the no-too-distant past, and if you need to – apologize. Influential acquaintances will help you in the change you are considering. You strive for your goals, but it is in your favor to be scrupulous. Don’t be greedy.

Incorrectness, fraud and betrayal from your business partners that you have trusted may be on your way to disappoint you. You tend to keep your emotions under control. Go easy on yourself and be patient. You need to be more systematic and grounded in order to be successful. Don’t over-analyze every small detail that crosses your path. Soon you’ll have an urge to make changes in your attitude toward one particular person. Refrain from unadvised and risky trips. Don’t be afraid to put your money down on an investment that you think is worthy. Do not be irritable if you see that what is planned is happening slower than expected. Many of you will experience a desire to create.

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October 13th 2019 Capricorn zodiac sign online forecast

Smile as it is best antidote for all your problems. Someone with big plans and ideas will catch your attention- Verify the credibility and authenticity of the person before making any investments. Period of tension may prevail but family support will help you. Romance comes your way as friendship turns deeper. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. Interference of outsiders will lead to disturbances in your married life. It is going to be a day when clocks tick slowly and you stay in your bed till eternity. You may get a much needed rejuvenation today.

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