June 14th, 2019, Gemini daily horoscope for today

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An opposition between Saturn and Mars happens once every two years and can create more tension and pressure than other oppositions. Yet now that you are in the heart of this you may find that what you feared is actually exciting. Mars lives for the thrill of battle and pressure from Saturn is the motivation the warrior planet of the cosmos needs to declare all out war on glass ceilings. If you're not already fighting for what you deserve, not just on the income front but across all the currencies in your life this could be the push you've been waiting for.

We all want to focus our time on what we believe to be useful, productive and offers something tangible. There are times when we find ourselves easily distracted by what catches our attention in other areas, even if we know it to be less of a priority. Remember the Shakespearean quote regarding all that 'glisters' not being 'golden.' By choosing to shift your attention to what appears to demand it, you might overlook something subtle that holds much more potential or promise.

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Gemini free horoscope prediction June 14th 2019

It takes faith and courage to invest in one of your biggest aspirations. You can’t always sit on the sidelines waiting for the Universe to bankroll your plans. With mighty Mars in your financial zone aligning with inspirational Neptune, your efforts can bring you one step closer to fulfilling your dream. You’re seen as something of a visionary, so your audience expects you to do big things. You could attract the attention of someone who supports your vision so it’s in your best interest to give it your all. Turn to a Money Psychic for insight into moving things forward.

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Astrology of Gemini for today June 14th 2019

Dear Gemini, friends and family will bring you much happiness today as you go out on the town or celebrate an occasion together. Any form of stress must be kept at bay due to the Moon moving into Libra. This is an excellent day to go for a short trip with close friends. Today will be wonderful for families and for very close friends as this will generate memories you are most likely going to reflect back on in the future. Try and keep any issues related to work away from your home and enjoy the day. Between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm would be fruitful if you work towards anything important. The color yellow will prove lucky for you today say Astroyogi astrologers.

Today in the world of romance you may be feeling slightly lonely. If you are single then you are likely feeling like you may never find your soul mate. Otherwise, you may feel like your partner has no time for you. Just try to relax today as these feelings and this situation are transient. They will both pass soon.

Today you encounter some influential people who are experts in your field. You will be able to draw on their knowledge and expertise to help you solve a tricky problem that you have been struggling with lately. Don`t be afraid to ask these new contacts for their assistance as they will be more than willing to help. Draw on the help of your seniors today and you will see the positive results.

Today is a day to plan for your financial future. Pull out that budget and start charting your goals and aspirations, and how much money it will take to get you there. You can meet your long-term financial goals, but you need to do some long-term planning and budgeting to get there. Today is the best day to start. Seek professional help if you are not sure of your ability to find the best option.

Your optimistic attitude will be your biggest counter to a persistent ailment. Sound health will keep some of you in a cheerful mood. Keeping a positive outlook towards life will give a much-needed tonic to your health. At the same time it would be in your interest to get rid of your negative emotions to achieve a prolonged and enduring sense of well-being.

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June 14th 2019 Gemini zodiac sign online forecast

The current planetary alignment may create a feeling of conflict within you. You tend to have a problem with setting boundaries for yourself, which means that at times people feel as though they can walk all over you. Astral energies will make it much easier for you to be more patient. Soon a day will mark the start of a four-week cycle in which you will be either reaping rewards or realizing your failures. Someone will surprise you with news of a happy event related to your personal life. Do not hesitate, if it is in your favor to change your plans. Wonderful financial rewards await you that will make you flourish. Avoid heavy traffic and be careful if you have to drive. Right now you will not be able to judge what people stand facing you and in your delusion, you risk letting them close to yourself. The planets support you in all your endeavors.

You are currently in a period when it is possible to be attracted people who have the qualities of Saturn – careful, reliable, predictable or older than you. You are impatient and think of insignificant things, so mistakes are possible. Don’t protect someone without being asked to do so. Protect your interests without being aggressive. A trip out in the countryside to a completely different environment will do you well. You may become aware that something has to change in your life. Think about the new ideas you were offered to save yourself from downfall and losses. If your plans are promising and you can convince the people around, you will get support and help. Be responsible, especially now.

Soon you may have an opportunity to conduct fruitful meetings with colleagues. There is a real flow of energy now, and the vibrations are wonderful for creating a great mood of harmony in you. Take your time and be patient. Ascendancy is with you if you stabilize your relationships and your advancements. Arrange your accounting archive because a tax audit may surprise you. You will start to actively finish your tasks and deal with the plans you have outlined. Know that you have every chance to make as many changes as you desire. A trip or a journey is coming that will spark off a very heady period. Asses the whether you overdo it with generosity, it may be perceived with malice and jealousy instead of gratitude. Avoid self-deception and do not overdo yourself.

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Gemini daily horoscope for today June 14th 2019

Outdoor activities will be tiring and stressful today. Be secretive about your investments and about your future goals. Family responsibilities will mount- bringing tension on your mind. Your beloved will seem a bit irritated- which will add pressure on your mind. Don't wait for things to happen-go out and search for new opportunities. Your ability to act swiftly to problems will bring you recognition. You will have a beautiful romantic day, but some health issues might trouble.

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