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July 8th – July 14th, 2019, Gemini accurate weekly horoscope

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Venus' departure from Gemini last week has had multiple implications, all of them good. Having stayed on 12 days after your birthday month ended, Venus gave you time to finalise what you want from this new solar year, letting your heart have the final say. In the meantime, her departure took the pressure off both planets in your relationship sector, with the on again/off again personal and/or relationship tension of recent months now in the off position and staying there. In the meantime, Venus' return to your income sector less than 24 hours after last week's total solar eclipse has brought out a completely different side. Venus is both the planet of love and money, depending on where she is in your chart and in her return to your income sector she has become the planet of money and is ready to exploit all the potential being generated. This is good news financially and professionally.

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Gemini free weekly horoscope July 8th – July 14th, 2019

Your cleverness will make you a magnet for brainiacs on Monday, but sensitive folks will find your sharp wit too hot to handle on Thursday. Another challenge is the sun-Saturn opposition on Tuesday, which can trigger some angst over your personal life. On the upside, Friday looks promising if you’re seeking a paramour who’s on your wavelength. If you’re paired, expressing your appreciation to your mate will make love bloom. This weekend, the moon in Sagittarius will assist with your self-expression if the accompanying sun-Pluto opposition hinders the flow of intimacy. Speak with a Love Psychic who can help you sort it all out.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Gemini July 8th – July 14th, 2019

This is a profitable period for Gemini natives, especially for those who work in artistic or political arenas. Professionally you will do well. People respond to your youthful charm and wild imagination. You may have found your niche. It’s true that not every workplace can find a space for a Gemini, not an enduring one, not unless you are able to deepen your repertoire and focus but you have a foothold and you are not prepared to let go. Venus in Gemini strengthens your financial prospects and you are ingenious in how you save it and make it work for you. You won’t fritter it away on meaningless matters, and this is to be applauded. Love takes on a magical, high school quality. There is a first love feeling. Mars in Cancer can signal domestic troubles. Communicate and stay clear headed.

Your romantic life is likely to positively sizzle this week. You are feeling very passionate towards the one you love. A romantic trip or a vacation to a very beautiful and peaceful place is highly indicated. This will give you a chance to reconnect with the one you love. This week is favourable for rekindling love in your life. A newly found love will bring freshness and excitement in the lives of singles.

This week a career counselor will give you a great piece of advice. This guides you towards the right direction and you make some smart career moves. Some of you will be very happy with the way things progress this week. Your seniors will be highly impressed with your work and will hold you in high regard. Meetings will be handled smartly and you will leave no room for complaint.

The share market may prove to be good for you financially this week. You will see many positive changes on the financial front especially towards the beginning of the week. You are also likely to get an inheritance, which improves your overall financial situation. Expect your financial front to be stable and positive during this time. Partnerships are also likely to bring you profits galore.

Your health may not be so good this week. Some of you are likely to fall sick or may complain of some body aches. Older folk in particular need to ensure that you follow your diet strictly and avoid eating anything, which can cause a problem on this front. Be careful about what you eat and make sure you get some exercise. Stomach related ailments are indicated for those of you who tend to overeat.

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July 8th – July 14th, 2019 Gemini horoscope this week

Now is a great time to send yourself out to the gym where you can vent your moods on the equipment and get some exercise as well. There’s a possibility for relationships complication in your family if you are indelicate. You will be greeted by unexpected successes, from which you will extract a lot of wisdom. During this period, you are filled with patience and peace. Take on seriously your tasks that help you carry out your plans. Creative moneymaking opportunities are likely to come your way via the internet or some other computer-based network you are involved with. Traveling now is undesirable. The celestial configuration will encompass the prospect of change. Dissect your actions over the past days and try to avoid problematic behavior. Soon it will become obvious that nothing will ever happen if you don’t go forward and meet life halfway.

If you are already in a family, then you will experience a revival in your matrimony relationship and with your mate you will be swallowed up by swirling meetings, trips and new dating experiences. Now it’s better to keep your head, and make a more informed decision later in time. Feelings are intense, and a situation may be about to blow sky high. Deal with old family problems that are not subject to a new postponement. The cycle’s celestial energy reveals that your plans need a new direction, yet you will not discover it in any of the more commonplace pursuits with which most people are usually happy. Be careful, you may need to rearrange your agenda unexpectedly because of unpleasant news. Do not take a business trip. Some deep and careful thought on the subject that concerns you may be of great value now. Be responsible, especially now.

A colleague may not agree with your opinion. Only with patience you will be able to stabilize what has been achieved so far. You may get the feeling that you are just going through the motions. You are looking forward to enjoy your dream achievements. Don’t travel. Expect news for a problem of unfulfilled promises and obligations. Don’t let your feelings distract you from the important self-analysis you need to do. Be careful of scams, which aim to revenge you by provoking money loss. You must keep your dreams and plans secret from strangers. Greed harms you.

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Gemini accurate weekly horoscope July 8th – July 14th, 2019

Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh houses of your kundali will be inhabited by the Moon during this week’s time. In the beginning, the Moon will remain posited in the fourth house of Gemini natives, which will bring forward mental stability for you. This strength will give you good results in the work area, and you will be able to finish your work correctly and at the right time. After this, Moon will be transiting in the fifth house, which can cause some worries regarding the child. Time seems favourable for students. You can get good results in the field of education by using your creativity. The transit of the Moon during the middle of the week will take place in your sixth house. During this period, your hot-headed nature will be at its peak, due to which you will get angry at small things and can get into fights with your family members. Yoga and meditation is the best way to keep your anger under control. At the week’s end, the transit of the Moon will be in your seventh house. This bhava is also known as the house of marriage and other partnership ventures in life. At this time, your relationship with your spouse will improve. Along with that, people who are thinking of doing business in partnership can also receive some kind of good news.

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