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July 16th, 2019, Gemini daily horoscope for today

what's gemini horoscope for today

Eclipses are some of the most intense cosmic events, mainly because their impact is concentrated into just a few short days. Today's lunar eclipse is a little different in that wider pressures have been waxing and waning for the past month, so anything this might trigger is unlikely to take you by surprise. The downside is that you are likely to be battle wary and not just on the financial front. Yet this is a chance for not only a financial breakthrough, but in any area of your life where things have become intense.

It's possible for frustration to underpin communication at this time, and your determination to make a point could come across as unintentionally forceful. You may have a valid reason for wanting to give someone a piece of your mind, but you won't improve the situation with words that hurt or belittle them. Temper your temper with plenty of sensitivity if you want to resolve this matter swiftly.

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Gemini free horoscope prediction July 16th 2019

The Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn is energizing your realm of transformation. This may indicate it’s time to face an emotion, belief, or behavior that hinders the expression of your heart. A Love Psychic can help you uncover what you need to know. What’s more, a merger with powerful Pluto, the planet of elimination, is emphasizing the need to heal or release the issue so you can share your true self with the people you care about. You can enhance the process by finding a place and time for silence sometime today. Such an inward journey will also empower your psychic gifts, so be on the lookout for a hunch or synchronicity that contains a message.

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Astrology of Gemini for today July 16th 2019

As Moon is stationed in Sagittarius today finds you making waves on the professional front. You are in a position of strength and wield considerable power at this time, Gemini. Although this may give you a high, remember that with more power comes added responsibilities. The line between power and ego is very thin and you must ensure that you do not end up misusing what you have worked hard to achieve, say Astroyogi astrologers. Your luckiest hour of the day lies between 2 pm and 4:30 pm. Violet is your lucky color for the day.

The influence of the planets has you feeling very in sync with the one you love, which is a situation you can surely enjoy today. Do things together that you both enjoy, as these activities will create a lasting bond and much goodwill between you. Enjoy today with your beloved.

Today you should look for a spot to work or study in which will allow you to avoid distractions. Be focussed and be clear about your priorities. You will find that your attention today is easily drawn away from your responsibilities, so you must put logistics in place for minimizing distractions. If you manage to focus today, you will find you get quite a bit accomplished easily.

A lucrative business opportunity is likely to knock on your door today. You need to grab it to make progress in your financial sphere. It will also help you to develop new influential contacts. Having a new ally in business would also help you make gains at this time. It would bring lucrative returns and a further expansion of your business. Aligning with like-minded people would benefit you immensely, therefore, it is a good time to start a new venture based on a partnership as all are likely to be benefited. However, choose your partners wisely before joining hands.

Watch the negative consequences of spending too much time on the computer today. Take a break regularly, as eye strain and neck discomfort are indicated. Rest periodically and move your wrists and finger joints, as minor repetitive-motion problems are indicated from computer use. Make sure you do not overstrain your eyes.

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July 16th 2019 Gemini zodiac sign online forecast

To achieve balance, do not get involved with unnecessary conversations. You will be pleased with the results achieved on a personal level, which also brings assurance into your future as professionals. Soon you could be feeling inclined to go off and do things by yourself. Be patient, whatever happens around you. Analyze your achievements not only for the moment but also for the whole period and eliminate your own mistakes to avoid penalties. It is not in your best interest to make changes at this time. The planetary aspect that is forming may encourage you to be you more extravagant than you can actually afford, but be sure you really do have the funds. Soon you may feel the need to change your environment in part because you will think you have enemies you want to move away from. Organize an active holiday, a trip, related to sports, hiking in the mountains or cultural entertainment. Be patient!

If you are the passionate kind, it is better to be careful not to make reckless decisions – keep the urge of passion under control and try not to impose your will on others. You do not accept criticism because you see it as frivolous. Go easy on yourself and be patient. The celestial energy may leave you feeling not quite so forthcoming concerning a certain issue. It is not advisable to travel now because your thoughts are busy with urgent tasks and you are distracted. Stop looking at the way things were, and analyze how much you have at present, then consider what you want to do with your future. Now is the time to build your future plans. There will be a great sense of harmony soon and there may be some surprising changes and new developments around you. Deal with problems that require an immediate solution.

Get involved in your work so you can do well with everything you’ve set yourself up for. The energy radiating from the planets may encourage some very deep feelings to surface. Remember that in order to be successful in the business world, you need to roll with the punches, so keep your chin up. This moment is inappropriate for dispute because you’re impatient. Find the time to consider the excuses you owe to people on whom your happiness depends. Build your new plans that promise you excellent revenue. Those of you who have made their mind about trip can do it. Challenges are coming your way that will help you find a new approach to solve your personal problems. Current planetary energies give you a feeling of stability and security as far as your latest plans are concerned. Consider your words.

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Gemini daily horoscope for today July 16th 2019

Share the family problems with your wife. Spend some amount of time for each other to rediscover and reaffirm yourself as a loving nurturant couple. Your children too will catch the vibrations of joys and peace harmony at home. This will give you greater spontaneity and freedom in your interaction with each other. Don't spend too much on entertainment or cosmetic improvement. Overall a beneficial day but someone you think you can trust will let you down. Don't allow your romantic views to be aired. This is an excellent time for developing professional contacts in other countries. A sparkling laughter filled day when most things proceed-as you desire. Work pressure had been hampering your married life since long. But today, all the grievances will be vanished.

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