August 26th – September 1st, 2019, Gemini accurate weekly horoscope

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Because the Sun's return to your home and family sector last Thursday is something that happens at the same time every year, his first full week here was always going to put the solar spotlight on home, family and/or property matters this week. However, the Sun doesn't usually bring half the solar system with him and by the time you get to Friday's New Moon, every planet that will visit in 2019 will be here. Even if this was just the normal quota of planets this would be extraordinary but you have Mars making his first visit in two and Juno her first in four years. This is putting an extraordinary amount of focus on home and family matters, with the resources to make things happen. In the meantime, the professional gods are playing a wise hand this week. The Moon's return to your income sector just a few hours before Pallas' return to your work sector on Monday will give you a window into exciting implications across the income, work and career fronts, without getting in the way.

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Gemini free weekly horoscope August 26th – September 1st, 2019

Your family will play an important role in your love life in the weeks ahead. Mercury entering Virgo on Thursday (through September 13) and the New Moon in Virgo on Friday join the sun, Venus, and Mars to supercharge your domestic realm. This means you’re getting in-touch with the very foundation of your life and will be drawn to people you have much in common with. Also, be on the lookout for family patterns that are influencing your feelings, decisions, and behaviors — for better or worse — in your relationships. If you’re solo, an admirer you’re immediately comfortable with may capture your heart. Speak with a Love Psychic for details.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Gemini August 26th – September 1st, 2019

Arm yourself with patience and finish your tasks. It’s hard for you to master your emotions. You are to expect a period of prosperity that will be remembered with solving many problems. Communicating with your relatives brings you joy that can be disturbed by pending unpleasant obligations. Sign the already prepared financial documents. This period will be related to bad news that you must accept with calmness. It may be a good idea to settle down with some travel brochures and plan break somewhere exotic. you may be forced to slow down and consider where the situation you are engaged with is actually going, and what your motives are for being involved in the first place. You will soon decide to make a deeper commitment to yourself by building plans for a more assured future. Keep away people who have disappointed you countless times.

If you have been wondering why someone seems to have been acting a little strangely in your presence, you may be due to find out and you could be surprised by the sudden revelation that they have been entertaining romantic feelings about you, which it has now become impossible to hide. You are determined, shine with your abilities. Occupation with your own ego can lead to a failure in personal relationships with the closest ones around you. The stars warn you that it’s better to be patient in order to save yourself from failures. A little analysis brings fascinating insights. Don’t be tempted to travel if you feel even slightly uncomfortable. Stars give you the confidence to make bigger plans in the future. You may be unpleasantly surprised by news that an enemy is trying to remove you from your office, especially if you are dealing with politics. Be patient!

Be careful with new business acquaintances, because it is difficult to asses them and filter useful ones. You are irritable – do not pay attention to the remarks others make. You are likely to get impatient soon with those who don’t have it together. Fear of failure is your worst enemy at this time. Extend your thoughts a little and start to analyze the possibility of a new direction. Your trips will be successful if you are careful behind the wheel. Someone will surprise you with news of a happy event related to your personal life. The horoscope warns that your plans may develop unexpectedly during this period. Try to avoid financial losses. Listen to advices that benefit you.

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August 26th – September 1st, 2019 Gemini horoscope this week

The ascendant or lagna, second, third and fourth house of Gemini natives will be occupied by the Moon during the last week of August. Subsequently, the dualistic planet Mercury will also enter the third house of your sign. The week can begin on a negative note for you since the Moon’s presence in the first bhava can cause mental stress. During this while, you will hesitate to take the major decisions of life. As a result, the aspect of indecisiveness will be clearly visible in your thoughts and behaviour. The impact of this negative tendency will also prove to be stressful for your conjugal life. There is quite a possibility of misunderstandings cropping up between you and a close one. Communicate with him/her before time runs out to negate the occurrence of such a contingency. You may also suffer from throat problems during this time. After the first bhava, the Moon will move on to take residence in the second house of your sign. This position will be beneficial for you. Because of this transit, you will be able to do well on the professional front and economic rewards will come forward. Businessmen will also obtain good amount of returns from their trade. Opportunities will be made available where you will get to taste scrumptious delicacies. If possible, try to listen to music during your free time as it will relax your mind and soul. You will also get chances to get associated with artistic and cultural activities which will garner benefits for you. Afterwards, the luminary planet will the third house during midweek. At this time , you may have the opportunity to meet many new people. The probabilities of undertaking a short distance journey are also quite high which will provide you happiness. However, the same time period is not favourable for your siblings as they may face many difficulties and problems. You are also advised to take good care of your father’s health as it is likely to remain under the weather. As the week is about to end, the fourth house of your sign will be occupied by Moon. familial disputes may occur because of which you may also feel stressed out. Take proper care of your mother’s health is it is in low spirits. As far as your professional life is concerned, there are numerous opportunities to make optimum profits.
Talking about the transit of Mercury which is taking place in the third house of Gemini natives, your communication skills will improve because of this which in turn may garner profits for you. However, the conjunction of Mars and Sun present in the Kundli may urge you to get involved in unnecessary debates which can create controversies and problems for you. During this time you will have to make small trips. You will be standing ahead to help the siblings, which will increase your respect in the family.

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