October 1st, 2019, Gemini daily horoscope for today

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While the Moon will leave your work sector before Mercury returns tomorrow, the fact that it is here now is giving you an extraordinary advantage. Ahead of Mercury's ability to look at work and job matters in a strategic way, the Moon is giving you a more intuitive read on work and job matters. With three incredibly significant months on the job front kicking off tomorrow, this will ensure you begin the journey with a mix of intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence. What you are doing today is adding the intuitive ingredients first.

Considerable thought or detailed assessment could be given to an arrangement and what does and doesn't suit you regarding it. It might be you who sees what someone else is oblivious to or choosing for their own reasons to ignore. To put something back on an 'even keel,' be prepared to speak up and draw attention to aspects of a plan that only you seem to have access to. It's not impossible to repair a splintered partnership.

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Gemini free horoscope prediction October 1st 2019

General Overview: Things can be easy, unless, of course, you feel the need to make them complicated. If you get into trouble, chances are that you only have yourself to blame. Drama can be thrilling but ultimately destructive. So please, don’t even go there with a Scorpio today.

Love/Friendship: Love triangles, jealousy, obsession and all sorts of mad romantic drama enter the picture as affectionate Venus in Libra clashes with imposing Pluto in Capricorn. It might seem sexy and exciting for a minute, until you find yourself swept away by the undertow. It’s deep and dark in there, Gemini. Hence, it might be best to stay out of the water. You might believe you can control your desires and not get all crazy, but you really, really can’t.

Career/Finance: You have a sharp insight into how things work, so this helps you stay on track with your tasks. A supportive moon/Neptune alignment can also tune you into what higher-ups expect. Sounds like you’ve got this. In case of emergency, there’s a back-up system on hand.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Are you really okay with not getting what you need? A wonky Mercury/Vesta alignment suggests that you might be denying your sexual or material desires because it’s too complicated to ask for what you want. Maybe it’s too much to deal with now? You can circle back around when the need becomes more pressing.

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Astrology of Gemini for today October 1st 2019

You may be feeling very drawn to one particular person, yet unconfident concerning how you should respond to them. It’s time to see yourself from a distance through other people’s eyes, and realize that your behavior is irritating and you have to apologize. Push your agenda through to the top of the pile because it will get noticed and you will achieve success. Find time and patience and consider enriching yourself with new knowledge about your spiritual and intellectual growth. Make a trip if you’re sure it will fill you with good memories. The energy emanating from the planets may dazzle you with expectations beyond what you would ordinarily consider reasonable. Analyzing the behavior of the people who oppose you and your own too will only bring you benefits. The horoscope warns that your plans may develop unexpectedly during this period. Money matters are high on the agenda, so take the time to address these issues carefully. Depend on your intuition which will lead you to correct actions in any situation.

You would rather run a million miles than have to deal with the kind of romantic situation you face now but the planetary lineup can force you to look at something that you have not wanted to acknowledge. Being patient will deepen your sense of inner peace. Consider establishing new relationships. Now is a great time to send yourself out to the gym where you can vent your moods on the equipment and get some exercise as well. The moment is suitable for a journey involving the beginning of new activities, especially if it’s abroad. Your actions will not be well appreciated unless you consider them in advance. It takes courage to be honest, open, and vulnerable to make a change possible. Your plans are getting away from reality. Be foreseeing and equitable.

Those of you who are in industry and service are not lucky and can expect problems with competitors. Persistence and patience are always rewarded. Do not overestimate your strengths so you can keep the prosperity on your side. You lean towards offensive behavior. Do not be irritable if you see that what is planned is happening slower than expected. You will improve your financial status unexpectedly, with tasks that you’ll accept and finish with finesse. Traveling abroad is undesirable, but if the circumstances are pressing do not sit behind the wheel. Events and changes which are not particularly pleasing are beginning to conquer your stable and protected world, so be careful. Don’t over-analyze every small detail that crosses your path. Difficulties will help you prove what you’re capable of.

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October 1st 2019 Gemini zodiac sign online forecast

Feeling of hatred could prove costly. It not only undermines your tolerance power but also retards your discretion power and creates a permanent rift in relationship. Today financial losses seem likely if you invest on the words of others. Someone you know might overreact to situations concerning finance, bringing uneasy moments at home. Your smiles have no meaning-laughter have no sound-heart forgets to beat as you miss the company Professional advancements for some. Travel undertaken for business purpose will prove to be beneficial in the long run. You will spend a relaxed day with your spouse.

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