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The way you communicate or make use of words could be a skill or talent that someone has their eye on. This could lead to a commitment requiring you to sign on a dotted line, and your communicative or writing abilities form the basis of this. From August 18, your home is not only where your heart is but could be where friends and family choose to hang out, and you won't mind one iota!. You could feel motivated to make changes to or within your abode and be drawn toward adding a bit more luxury to your domestic setup. Just keep a careful watch on the expenses involved. They could escalate very quickly. If progress has been frustratingly slow in your love life since April, then you could find momentum picks up this month. If something connected with a relationship has been in a planning stage since April or if you and a lover decided to take a break, then from August 11, it could be all-systems-go, once again. Whether you're single or attached, you will feel “luckier in love“ this month. You're also likely to find that pessimism is replaced with optimism. If you've been considering making a move or asking “that“ question, then taking advantage of the momentum on offer could take your love life or one special connection to a very new level.

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August, 2019 monthly horoscope for Gemini

You’ll be feeling less cerebral and more expansive and passionate than usual, Gemini. The planets casting a friendly sextile from Leo coupled with Big Uncle Jupiter opposite you and urging you on, will cause a romantic scene or two this month. With your second house of money looking sound now with Mercury and the North node passing through, you may decide to take the full month off and just have fun.

If single, your immediate neighborhood might pop with all kinds of new romantic configurations. Lovers and friends could shower you with gifts as Jupiter goes direct in your seventh house of intimate relationships on August 11.

If partnered, be sure to be as generous with your mate as he or she is with you, or there could be some scorched feelings in the mix. You may be caught up in career dreams with Neptune sitting in your solar tenth. Slow down to the speed of love, if you do nothing else this month. You will find it well worth it.

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Free monthly zodiac Gemini forecast August, 2019

Avoid anxiety in order to bypass making mistakes that can delay your intentions in time. You can play all kinds of games and drag red herrings all over the place in order to try and fool someone about your feelings. The emergence of an influential person can protect you and it will pave the way to success. Those of you who are developing something on their own will soon reap unexpected success. With the current celestial energy at play, a major step may well bring you nearer to your goals or plans. A trip or a journey is coming that will spark off a very heady period. Calculate your actual earnings so you can properly distribute your budget. Do not aim for success through unexpected changes. Analyze and calculate your projects in depth then proceed to action. Do not compromise with yourself so that you don’t lose faithful friends and show weakness to your closest people.

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August, 2019 month astrology predictions for Gemini

In this month due to the rise in your physical idleness there may be a negative effect on the areas of your work. You can see a decrease in your courage and enthusiasm, but there are good possibilities of gaining money through physical efforts. There is a possibility for your relations with your close relatives to get better. If you are trying to accumulate wealth, then it is likely to be successful. It will be good for you if you try to be responsible towards your work and also at the same time be sympathetic towards your work. If you do a job, then your chances of getting a post and a position will be good. Your efforts can provide you with successful results. There is a possibility for you to get the desired support from your siblings and from your favored friends. There are good opportunities for gaining comforts related to housing, vehicle etc. Along with receiving the name and fame in the society as well as the social status and prestige, you will also luxuriate in the materialistic resources and comforts. If you are a politician, then you can get a stronghold in politics. For that, you may have to spend money and have to make contacts and interact with as many people as you can. Only then you can get good success. There is a possibility for the conditions to be favorable according to your children's side and in your love relationship. If you are a student then the upcoming situations will be in your favor in terms of education. If you are making any kind of preparations for something then the chances for your success are good. The conditions pertaining to your health and your enemies will be normal. If there is any kind of confusion or if you have any dispute with some or the other, then you can try to explain it to them. Due to which the situations can turn to be favorable. There are possibilities for you to stay physically fit in terms of your health. You can divulge in some kind of injury and etc. There are chances for your outstation travels to be good. But there can be a stressful situation in terms of your marital life. Your relations with your in-laws can worsen. Your fortune will favor you luck. You can get good success in any work which you are doing or are trying to do. As the planet Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius, this can be good for the progress of your fortune. The conditions can also be favorable in terms of economic benefits. Your efforts in trying to accumulate wealth will be successful. If you are into some kind of business, then you can gain good profits from the business perspective. There are unnecessary travels on the card. Therefore, try to avoid yourself from any unnecessary traveling. Try to work with a well thought and planned strategy, so that you can get success within short span of time and also gain good benefits from it. In this month the situations will generally be auspicious. Therefore keep a continuity in your efforts. In this month, the dates 5, 6, 14, and 25, 26, can create a stressful situation for you. Therefore, be cautious in these days and avoid doing any of your important works.

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