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Вe the engine of progress

Aquariuses are the very people thanks to whom human civilization was built. You are gifted with extraordinary insight and intuition, think global and outside existing patterns, profess the equality of people as the highest value. You are a revolutionary who seeks not just to destroy the existing system but to build a new better one.

Your strategy as Aquarius is to look into the future and change the world for the better by using cutting-edge technologies.
To be the engine of progress is a significant role, and, naturally, a difficult one. You think in the great scheme of things, and not about separate human life, therefore it can be difficult for other people to understand you. Your large-scale and truly brilliant ideas require big resources and some time to implement because you are often "born before your time", and the world may simply not be ready to accept your inventive vision. To make big plans easier to implement, all great revolutionaries need great assistants! And we have one for you - a unique synthesis of innovative AI technologies and ancient astrological knowledge

Moon Calendar - cutting-edge AI astrological assistant

The influence of the Moon on all life on earth has been known to people since ancient times. However, advanced machine learning technologies have enabled us to use ancient knowledge more effectively than ever before. Our Moon calendar, using artificial intelligence and accurate data from space ships, provides you with complete information about each day of the lunar cycle. The fact is that if you are living in harmony with the Moon's mood, all your great innovations (and everyday to-Dos too) are implementing much easier.

For You, Moon calendar will:

choose the best dates for anything you plan (beauty, family, business, housekeeping, etc.) taking into account your birth chart + Moon's mood
give you everyday astrological tips to help you build relationships with the like-minded people while maintaining your freedom
pay attention to your own state by calculating your biorhythms (intellectual, emotional, and physical) online
In addition, you will find
complete information about each day (The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs) + for what it is favorable, and for what it is unfavorable on 9 areas of life
more information about yourself, your strengths and features based on your Lunar Zodiac Sign and the lunar day of your birth
constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state wherever you are

Testimonials from our Aquarius clients

"My plans have always been so ambitious and global that others chuckled at me. Sometimes it seemed to me that the Universe was also laughing - when I got the results opposite to what I wanted. When I started using the Moon Calendar, I noticed real patterns. If you do something at a favorable moment for this, it certainly succeeds! I am so grateful for machine learning and the fact that we no longer need to delve into complex astrological tables. Just tell Moon Calendar what you plan to do, and it will select your best dates for any task automatically!"
"I should admit, that I was always lucky in my work and finances. A weak part of my life - close relationships with people. They accused me of extravagance and selfishness, and I felt it in a way as if they wanted to put me in jail. I did not believe that a person like me could be happy in love. However, the tips of the lunar calendar made me change my mind. Astrology helps us to better understand ourselves and other people - and the key to happiness lies precisely in accepting our differences."
"I started using the Moon Calendar just because I love new technologies. At some point in time, I bought all the applications that used artificial intelligence - just for fun. It is noteworthy that out of dozens of applications, the Moon Calendar is the only one that I still use. Even though I was a little skeptical about astrology, the Moon Calendar was able to prove its effectiveness in practice. By the way, I have significantly improved my health, using the tips about diet for each lunar day. Wish the same to you all :)"
How it works
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