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Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac circle, endowed with tremendous vitality and piercing fiery energy! You are a passionate, inspired leader who feeds on competition, risk, and vibrant experiences. You have all the talents to be a WINNER in any fight: fearlessness, perseverance, spontaneity, giant inner strength!

Your strategy as Aries is to be an independent warrior, take initiative in the fight named life and win!!!
Your thirst for independence helps you initiate new beginnings, go right through the obstacles, kick down any door! It's cool, and it's your nature, but... Do you often conflict with people, and have emotional storms raging? You quickly light up with enthusiasm, and just as quickly fade away, unable to bring your idea to the reality? Do you feel tired of the fact that you have to struggle all the time, and nothing comes to you easily?
Stop this pain right now, just stop it, we know the way!

Moon Calendar - armour-bearer of a victorious warrior

Any warrior needs a weapon, right? You are already armed with the character traits embedded in you by nature. However, you can boost your arsenal with secret knowledge.

The fact is that people often underestimate the influence of the Moon on their lives. Meanwhile, the favorable outcome of any battle on earth depends on the Moon's mood. And her mood changes often - every day! Each day of the lunar cycle is favorable for certain actions and rebels against other ones. Using this knowledge, you can control the events of your life by yourself, and not obey unknown circumstances!

Moon calendar will help you to:

choose the best dates for all your victorious battles on 9 fields of life (relationship, business, beauty, shopping, etc.)
bring more bright experiences in your life with the everyday tips (from diversity in sex to the experiments with your style)
get everything you want faster and easier just by taking the initiative (the way it should be with you, Aries!)
you will have all striking knowledge about each day since 1945: The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs, Mascots, Keywords, favorable / unfavorable actions
you will extend your strengths arsenal by learning more about your Lunar Zodiac Sign, the lunar day of your birth, and your biorhythms online
as your armour-bearer, the calendar will follow you everywhere you go and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone!

Testimonials from our Aries clients

"My relationship with Jack has always been a certain kind of competition. And I loved them for it - vivid emotions, excitement, passion!.. But I loved Jack too, and all these dramas tortured him. Our fourth breakup could be the last one! But simple tips on the couples lunar calendar saved our love"
"At 30, I realized that my career was real shit. I was very angry with the world because I knew that I deserved more, and I always fearlessly took the initiative! With the Moon Calendar, everything became clear: I was choosing the wrong dates for my active actions. It's hard to even imagine what a big role a right moment can play."
"Like any Aries, I am very annoyed by minor setbacks. I quickly light up with enthusiasm, but if something does not stick, I want to immediately drop it. Due to problems in the construction of our new house, I became really crazy and yelled at children all the time. The repair lasted 5 years! And I think it would never have ended without the Moon Calendar."
How it works
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Get your login data and link to your specified email. Win every battle easier than ever!

Start following your Aries strategy

with your personal armour-bearer Moon Calendar 2019!

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