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When it comes to Cancer, it's all about the family, home, inheritance, traditions of ancestors passed from generation to generation. Endowed with high sensitivity, empathy, and conservatism, Cancers give love and security to their family members. Of course, they need love and security in return. But let's look at this sign's strategy more globally:
You, as a Cancer, are called to be the guardian of the hearth, all the knowledge, and traditions of a human race, starting from the most distant ancestors, and pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

High sensitivity is your gift that makes you an excellent psychologist, educator, coach, no matter what role you are in. However, like the Moon - the ruler of Cancer, this gift has a dark side. Cancers are very vulnerable and emotional, and to cope with this, astrologers recommend them to use the support of ancestors. And, of course, the support of the Moon itself, because you Cancer is a Moon child! ↓
Moon Calendar - ancestors innermost knowledge

It is worth recognizing that the Moon affects not only Cancer, but also all life on Earth, and all spheres of human life. Ancient people noticed this a long time ago, and the very first calendars of mankind were lunar calendars. They invested in it all their practical experience, transmitted through it their innermost knowledge. This knowledge was about how to live in harmony with the Universe. Unfortunately, in the modern world, we completely forgot about it.

But, luckily, the lunar calendars of our ancestors survived!
We have "clothed" their precious knowledge in a modern handy form:

Moon calendar will help you to:

understand better your ruler's - the Moon's - mood = understand your own mood, abilities, cycles to choose the best dates for all of your actions
learn, keep and pass the innermost knowledge of our ancestors to have their support and follow your Cancer strategy
check any day since 1945 to find out Moon's impact on all 9 spheres of your life (beauty, family, business, housekeeping, etc.)
In addition, you will find
complete information about each day (The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs) + for what it is favorable, and for what it is unfavorable on 9 areas of life
more information about yourself, your strengths and features based on your Lunar Zodiac Sign and the lunar day of your birth + your biorhythms online
constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Cancer clients

"The Moon's children always suffer in the world of the Sun. I have been interested in astrology for a long time and I know that the Sun is ego and actions, male "yang" energy. The Moon is all subconscious, changeable, emotional, feminine. That is why we, Cancers, are so often offended and upset. It seems that we are aliens in this world of active external actions. Of course, this is not true. There is both the Sun and the Moon in the world, right? If you learn to understand your nature, you can live in complete harmony. I achieved it due to the Moon Calendar."
"Like all Cancers, I am easily suggestible. I quickly accept other people's ideas, fall into fanaticism, fail, and feel resentment, pain, and a scar on my heart. How many years have I lived through this vicious cycle, not knowing that a completely different cycle was intended for me! Look at the Moon - it is so wise that in its cycle there is a good time for any of your feelings and actions. All you have to do is listen to it and sync. Moon Calendar will surely help you!"
"My family has 9 members: my mom, me, my husband, our three children, two dogs, and our House. This House (it was built by my great-grandfather) has a soul, mood, and preferences. And I sincerely love them all, but sometimes the housework chores takes away so much of my strength that I lose my mind. The Moon Calendar has helped me distribute my time in such a way that now I have time for everything. My house is cozy and clean, the children and mother are healthy and happy, my husband and I find time for romance... And, lo and behold!, besides all this, I manage to go to the spa!"
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with the help of ancestors innermost knowledge in Moon Calendar 2019

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