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Leos are Queens and Kings since birth! They are endowed with unique energy of creation. Wise, fair, generous rulers. This is the only sign of the zodiac circle controlled by a Star - the main star of our planetary system, the Sun! You were born to shine, like the Sun, to be in the spotlight, to create worlds and to rule them wisely.
Your strategy as a Leo - show yourself, demonstrate your talents, and enjoy the admiring applause of other people.

Since ancient times, each king had his own adviser. It was a magician, a shaman, a stargazer who possessed mystical knowledge and a direct connection with the gods. Interestingly, the planets in astrology have the names of the ancient Roman gods. It was astrological knowledge that helped all the great rulers to cope with the great responsibility and get admiration of nations! And as an inborn ruler, you, Leo, need astrologer-advisor↓
Moon Calendar - your personal shaman advisor

If Leo does not follow his strategy, he begins to suffer because his great talented essence is not properly valued. Leo, you must not please anyone! Your job is to show yourself as you are! And the only secret to making it successful is to act in the right time, in harmony with the space energies.

The Moon has a huge impact on all life on Earth and all spheres of human life. Each lunar day has its own character and preferences. With the help of the Moon Calendar, you can choose the best dates for all of your actions, and be successful in all of your great endeavors!

Moon calendar will help you to:

choose the best dates to succeed in all your endeavors easily (beauty, family, business, housekeeping, etc.)
make your every creation popular through the wise usage of your energy and other people resources
learn your strength + the Moon's mood = Enlist the support of the Universe and shine like a sun!
Moreover, Moon Calendar will give you:
more information about yourself, your strengths and features based on your Lunar Zodiac Sign and the lunar day of your birth + your biorythms online
complete information about each day (The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs) + for what it is favorable, and for what it is unfavorable on 9 areas of life
constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Leo clients... and me ;)

"I was alone for a very long time, and my relationship with men did not work out. On the one hand, I always had high demands on my future husband, on the other hand, I tried to earn the love and admiration of men at all costs. I would never have thought that astrology could solve such a complex problem. But the Moon Calendar did. I began to choose favorable days for my dates and met an excellent man. I began to use lunar everyday tips for relationships, and the last 5 years we are happily married. He treats me like a Queen, and he is the true King for me."
"I am a top manager in a large media company, and I love my job. However, before, I often suffered from misunderstandings with colleagues. In my opinion, they were too inconsistent and did not pay enough attention to my cool ideas! When I realized that there are other energies in the Universe besides my own, I redefined my attitude. The Moon Calendar helped me find an approach to my colleagues, which helped me to get a higher position and bring the whole business to a higher level. And that was so easy! It was only necessary to plan my actions in harmony with the Moon!"
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