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Libra is a unique zodiac sign, known for its sense of beauty, the gift of diplomacy, the desire for harmony in everything that they do. You bring beauty, peace, and grace to any place and society in which you appear. Moreover, you have a very special perception - you see many options and faces at once in situations that you meet on your way. And only you can balance all this diversity.

Your strategy as Libra is to achieve harmony in all areas of life and intelligently distribute energy between them.

Unfortunately, every gift can become a curse. Your ability to see all the variety of options turns into a heavy agony of choice. There is nothing more difficult for Libra than to make a decision. At the same time, your gift of diplomacy turns into a desire to avoid conflicts at all costs, as a result of which you often endure discomfort to please people. Thus, most often you prefer not to make decisions at all - simply go with the flow, allowing other people to decide for you.

This is a bad option - other people just use you to achieve their goals. However, do not despair, beautiful Libra! We have something for you, which will allow you not to make decisions by yourself, and at the same time not to suffer from the decisions of other people ;)

Moon Calendar - the best decisions maker

Other people may use you to please themselves, but the Universe always makes decisions that are best for you. We propose you to trust cosmic energies - in particular, the Moon, which has a huge impact on all life on earth. We have developed the Moon Calendar, which automatically makes decisions for you, choosing the best dates for all your issues in 9 areas of life. The fact is that every day of the lunar cycle has its own character and preferences. Each of them is favorable for certain actions and unfavorable for other ones.

Moon calendar will help you to:

resolve conflicts with people softly and with the profit for yourself
make the best choices in 9 spheres of life (relationship, business, beauty, etc.), based on the favorable lunar days' calculation
find a balance between all spheres of life and follow your Libra strategy
In addition, you will find
complete information about each day (The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs, mascots..) + automatic to-do lists
more information about yourself, your strengths and features based on your Lunar Zodiac Sign, the lunar day of your birth + your biorhythms online
constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Libra clients

"I live with my husband, his parents and our two children. Since I always try to avoid conflict, I infinitely inferior to the members of my large family in everything. Sometimes I can't get a shower in the morning because it's more important for them. People are not delicate and often behave boorishly, in my opinion. But since I started using the lunar calendar, my relationship with all people has improved. Now I know that there are days when it is worth declaring your desires - and the Moon will protect you from scandal."
"As far as I can remember, doubts tormented me. I could never make a choice. After school, I did not know where to go to study, and in the end, I became an accountant, as my parents decided. I liked two girls, and I could not choose either of them and in the end, both left me. I would have suffered all my life if I had not found the Moon Calendar. Its tips for every day helped me to finally find myself. I began to build a career as a stylist, and it seems that my love relationship is developing successfully..."

"Like any Libra, I desperately need beauty and harmony. I am an interior designer and I really love my job - it satisfies my need for beauty! However, after more than 6 years of work, I began to notice that I feel bad. There was too much work, I suffered from a lack of balance between the areas of my life. When I began to pay attention to my body, do sports, using the tips of the beauty & health lunar calendar, I became much happier."
How it works
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Start following your Libra strategy

with the help of the best decisions maker Moon Calendar 2019

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