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Colorize the world with imagination

Pisces are incredible, unearthly creatures! You perceive reality on a subconscious level, through sensations and intuition, passing any information through the prism of your powerful imagination. Therefore, you often see more than the representatives of the other Zodiac Signs. After all, you definitely know that there are thousands of realities in the world, right? Remember the movie "Big Fish" to understand what I'm talking about.

Your strategy as a Pisces is to show people that
the world is much more interesting, colorful, and multifaceted than they see it. And you can express it both in art and in everyday life.

Your unique perception is a great gift! However, any gift can become a curse... Because of the high empathy and hypersensitivity, Pisces can confuse their thoughts and feelings with the other people's ones. The load of the feelings of the whole world is very heavy, and you have to carry it on your shoulders! As a result, Pisces often wants to escape into the world of illusions. They easily fall into various kinds of addictions, fall out of real life, blurring the line between fantasies and truth. The power of the subconscious of this sign is offset by a lack of vitality, physical strength.

Beautiful, mystical and special Pisces! You need help, and we have something for you ↓
Moon Calendar - the guard of your unique essence

The subconscious, suggestible, powerful imagination and weak physical manifestation... All this is not only about you, Pisces, but also about our mysterious night luminary - the Moon. How does it deal with such problems? Oh, nature is soooo wise! When you dive deep into the Moon's life, you will learn its secrets that will help you follow your strategy.

The fact is that the Moon has a huge impact on life on our planet. Its mood changes and leaves its mark on human lives. Everyday. I am sure you Pisces already feel it. But to feel it consciously, you need a Moon Calendar.

Moon calendar will help you to:

plan your todos in such a way as to save vital energy (this is important because you have not much of it, remember?)
understand the origin of your feelings and sensations (your own or came from people under the Moon's influence)
feed your Muse with new mystical knowledge, get inspiration for coloring reality with new hues = follow your strategy!
Moreover, you will...
immerse in the Moon schedule (phase, moonrise time, lunar Zodiac Sign, each lunar day mascots, mood, it's preferences in all life spheres)
learn new edges of your inner world, based on your lunar Zodiac Sign, lunar day of birth, and biorhythms online
get constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and tell you all about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Pisces clients

"People think I'm lazy. From childhood, I listened to the discontent of my parents about this, and there was only one way out - to constantly get sick. I loved to be sick, bask in the arms of my bed and unravel the fancy wallpaper patterns. I took this habit with me to adulthood... Everything seemed to be OK, but I felt thirsty to do something beautiful for this world. Instead, I did nothing. When I got to know Moon Calendar, I got the time and energy to develop in creativity. Now I am an artist, and recently I had my third successful exhibition!"
"Hi, I'm Martin and I'm an alcoholic... How many times have I said this on the rehabilitation groups! I just broke down emotionally. I could not bear the load. And I knew nothing about myself, except that I was an alcoholic. Astrology saved me. The Moon Calendar helped me understand what was happening to me and reassured me that this was normal. It turned out that I was something more than an alcoholic. And when you find out that you can be something more, you have the opportunity to become him. New yourself. Hi, I'm Martin, and I'm Pisces now..."
"I have the gift of empathy, which I have long considered a curse. I heard a lot of voices inside me, and I didn't know which one to listen to. When I learned about the Moon Calendar, my true path opened to me. I learned about the Moon phases rituals and began to practice them. At first, only for myself... But now I am helping other needy people too. I realized that deep inside I was always a Wicca witch. The Moon Calendar has helped me find myself, and now it helps many people through me to cleanse themselves, manifest their intentions, and live in harmony with nature."
How it works
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with the help of the guard of your unique essence Moon Calendar 2019

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