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Scorpions are extremely insightful people with the talent of psychologist, detective, and philosopher. You have the gift to see all human weaknesses and be able to impact on them. Your mind is capable of constructing giant schemes, tracking elusive connections. You adore complex riddles and know how to solve them, and from birth, you already know how to manipulate others. And this is not bad at all! The main thing is how to apply it.

Your strategy as a Scorpio is to be an eminence grise, to distinguish good from evil, weakness from strength, and manipulate people for the common good.
The space of Scorpio is the house of other people's resources, therefore, in the life of this sign's representatives, the distinguishing between "mine" and "alien" is a central theme. You are the sexiest and most passionate sign, with powerful bodily impulses and a desire to possess others. And in fact, all other signs would gladly surrender to your possession, but... Only if you would open your heart to them.

Unfortunately, you do not want to do this. You subtly feel this world and know how much evil is in it. As a result, you protect yourself from others by cold and tough behavior, which multiplies that evil... Surely, with your insight, you already see a way out of this maze. But we have something that can help you to follow your true strategy easier.

Moon Calendar - the hints to solve Life's riddle

To follow your true strategy, you need to achieve perfection in an objective understanding of people and in distinguishing between good and evil. Thus, you will be able to manipulate people for the common good and not reject others for fear of being vulnerable. The Moon will help you with this best of all - the ruler of human emotions and subconsciousness, the closest, and at the same time the most mystical planet of astrology.

Observing the cyclical change of its moods, you will quickly discover a pattern: every day of the lunar cycle has a special effect on all spheres of human life.

Moon calendar will help you to:

better understand other people and interact with them more effectively (you are a master at this, but your subjective feelings often disturb you)
harmonize your body's impulses by tracking your biorhythms online and using everyday tips on diet, sport, and sex ;)
get secret knowledge that will help you solve Life's riddle, follow your true strategy, and get more pleasure from each moment!
If you wish, Moon Calendar will:
choose the best dates for all your plans in 9 areas of life (relationship, beauty, business, housekeeping, etc.) automatically and give you all information about Moon's state on each date since 1945
introduce you closer to yourself, your strengths and features based on your Lunar Zodiac Sign and the lunar day of your birth
provide you with constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Scorpio clients

"Since childhood, I knew that love is painful, and people cannot be trusted. My parents divorced when I was 6. I have always been interested in people's lives, I explored them and concluded that there are no happy marriages. In relationships with men, I acted like a real bitch, and they all did not last long. However, fortunately, I found the Moon Calendar, and it changed my perception of reality. Of course, I did not stop criticizing and snapping, but the Moon's tips help us stay together for two years"
"I am an entrepreneur, and I ruined my three companies with my thirst for weaving intrigues. Damn, how hard it is to admit it! But it's true. Once, I learned that Scorpio's gift is to manipulate others and that it is possible to manipulate them for the common good. Since then, everything has changed. I use my gift to encourage employees to develop. My fourth company still exists, and I constantly use the lunar business calendar to find the best dates for all business activities."
"I have always had difficulties with my body. I survived anorexia, bulimia, and for some time I considered myself a nymphomaniac. Doctors and psychologists did not help, then I turned to an astrologer. She advised me to use the Moon Calendar - just follow its daily tips on a diet and sex life. After four lunar cycles, I realized that my problems receded, and now, after a 1,5 year, I feel complete harmony with my own body and the entire world."
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