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Taurus is a sign of fertile soil. Your ruler is Venus, the planet of all the most beautiful, tasty and pleasant :) Thus, you combine aesthetics with practicality, sensuality with materialism. You have an innate sense of profit and the ability to grow anything thanks to your patience and perseverance. You really know what the word "care" means. Stability, regularity, the ability to create comfortable conditions - all these traits help you fulfill your mission.

Your strategy as Taurus is to preserve and increase material goods - not only in your own home but also for the general increase of mankind's wealth.
The archetype of Taurus is a farmer who grows abundant harvests from small seeds. If you live in harmony with the Universe, it will be so in all areas of your life - your material wealth will constantly grow and multiply, as well as the love in your family, your energy and health, etc. But what if it is NOT so in your life? Well, you probably turned on your famous Taurus stubbornness and go against the flow of cosmic energies. But we have the cure for you... ;) ↓
Moon Calendar - the greatest "farmers" secret

Once upon a time, the world's first farmers learned the secret that helped them grow abundant harvests. It was all about the Moon. The fact is that the Moon has a huge impact on all life on earth. And the first effect that people noticed was its effect on plants. Ancient farmers created moon calendars with tips: on which day it is better to sow, on which to water, when to fertilize. Modern farmers and gardeners also use these calendars.

But a very few people know that the Moon affects not only plants but also people, all areas of our lives, including even business and relationships! Our Moon Calendar will help you grow and multiply goods in all areas of your life.

Moon calendar will help you to:

choose the best dates for all your to-dos (beauty, family, business, housekeeping, etc.) to get the maximum benefit from each of them
reduce instability and make you feel more comfortable by living in harmony with the moon cycles
better take care of yourself with complete information about your lunar birthday, Moon Zodiac Sign + your biorhythms online
Moreover, you will get:
all information about each day (The Moon phase, Moonrise time, Zodiac signs) + for what it is favorable, and for what it is unfavorable on 9 areas of life
the ability to check any date since 1945 to find the reasons for your abundant harvests in past in lunar days calculator
constant updates - the calendar will determine your location automatically and give you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

Testimonials from our Taurus clients

"I am a businessman, and for many years my business did not bring net income. Although my company functioned quite successfully, I was very depressed by the lack of a tangible result. It seemed like I was wasting time. However, when I started using the Moon Calendar, the situation changed. They have a lunar business calendar, and there you can find favorable dates for any tasks related to business. Over the past six months, my company not only brings income, but it is also growing steadily!"
"I always dreamed of living a calm, abundant life, watching the constant and gradual improvement of its conditions. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the world is full of spontaneous energies that disorient me, bring instability and discomfort. I think all Tauruses suffer from this. I sincerely recommend the Moon Calendar to all Tauruses as a way to find stability and peace by synchronizing with the lunar cycle."
"I have a small plot near the house where I grow fresh herbs and vegetables for my family. For the first time, I started using the Moon Calendar to increase the yield - I followed the Moon's prompts for sowing, transplanting, watering and fertilizing my plants. It works very well! Then I began to use the calendar in other areas of life - in communicating with children, in promoting my blog ... And it works just as well! Amazingly!"
How it works
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Start following your Taurus strategy

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