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July 24th, 2019, Leo daily horoscope for today

what's leo horoscope for today

Because Mercury retrograded back out of Leo after having already spent three weeks here, his return next month will be more about tying up loose ends. In terms of the planets that will visit Leo this year, there is now just one planet that you are waiting for and that planet is Venus, the planet who can give your heart a voice. Venus will return over the weekend but until then, she is using her final days in a nostalgic part of your chart to make the most of Jupiter's final weeks in retrograde motion in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart.

You could find yourself drawn into a drama that might not involve you directly. From your point of view, you could see something within a situation that someone directly involved with it can't. This could also arm you with all you need to offer guidance or support. You've probably assisted similarly in the past and can help identify a solution again that requires your unique brand of insight.

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Leo free horoscope prediction July 24th 2019

Healing old wounds is a process, so you shouldn’t feel that you’ve failed if previous forays into getting closure didn’t achieve the desired result. Retrograde Mercury syncing with Venus in nurturing Cancer makes it an excellent moment to revisit an old issue that still saps your emotional strength. A discussion with your therapist or a trusted confidant can help you get to the heart of the matter and find the release you seek. Sometimes you need to step back into the past before you can leap forward into the future. A Love Psychic can also guide you on your healing journey.

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Astrology of Leo for today July 24th 2019

As Moon marks its presence in Aries, dear Leo, you can expect a stable work environment after all the tension that you had to face for the past few days. Business related trips may be on the cards predict Astroyogi astrologers. This will be like the much needed break that you have been craving for where you do not need to compromise on the fun aspect either. But you need to watch what you say, any careless gossip may ruin your entire day. It may work against you so you need to take a little precaution here. Avoid wearing anything in Green and plan important events and activities between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Avoid getting into needless arguments with your partner today. Some small disagreements may crop up and you need to be careful that you don`t blow them out of proportion. Let the minor issues slide and you will find your relationship returning to normal again soon.

Today you may need to stand your ground on an issue related to your work. Try not to be aggressive while defending your position, but do get your point across to your team and your boss. If you are sure that you are in the right, it would benefit the project for your voice to be heard today.

You may benefit from the purchase of land, property or commercial premises as these types of transactions are highly indicated today. There are strong chances of sudden profits from such a transaction. If you have been on the verge of buying some property, go ahead now. If you have been thinking of looking, it`s time to browse the real estate ads!

You will find that on the health front you`re feeling a bit under the weather. It`s nothing major or very serious, but it has you feeling sluggish and a bit depressed. Just take it easy today and do something low-key that you enjoy in order to make yourself feel better. You`ll be back on your feet again soon.

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July 24th 2019 Leo zodiac sign online forecast

You need to take a more understanding approach if you want to be successful. Your sensitivity is growing. You are guilty of your failures, which are the punishment for your unwillingness to hear the opinion of others. If possible, it may be best to wait until you have cooled down a little before taking another step. A journey, you may need to take, will be tense and related to unpleasant conversations which you’ll be obliged to carry through. Changes now are in your favor. Do not allow feelings to interfere with your reason to see the true traits of people who are in the process of your plans. Begin to analyze your motives for adopting certain patterns of behavior in order to gen a new perspective. You will be surprised by a financial success achieved through long-completed tasks. Everything will happen on its own when it is needed.

Wonderful new acquaintances are just around the corner, where there will be so much romance that ordinary skepticism will disappear. Assert control over emotion. Be patient with others who may not catch on as quickly as you do. Unexpected actions are the cause of complication in your relationships with the close ones. It takes courage to be honest, open, and vulnerable to make a change possible. If you have any plans that you have been thinking of putting into action, then get them moving right now without waiting a single second. Any sort of short-distance travel will be highly successful. Indulge in your responsibilities during the mornings, in the evenings examine your meetings and calmly evaluate your new acquaintances. Do not run away from reality and don’t trust unverified information.

Do not start a new activity in your job if you haven’t considered everything in detail. You feel in harmony with yourself emotionally. You will deal with your biggest problems only if you are not impulsive. You are to expect a period of prosperity that will be remembered with solving many problems. This is a time when you have to consider the more practical and materialistic aspects of your daily existence that will help bring a sense of perspective, which could be just what you need. The celestial alignment certainly brings things alive and once you have set your goals, you won’t look back. Now is the time to make changes that will bring you good advantage and tranquility in the coming months. Your financial situation may get worse. Avoid heavy traffic and be careful if you have to drive. Avoid self-deception and do not overdo yourself.

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Leo daily horoscope for today July 24th 2019

Health definitely needs care. Not a very beneficial day- so check your money situation and limit your expenses. Organize an evening with friends as well as family members. You need to be in your best behaviour- because it won't take much to upset your lover today. Success is definitely yours- if you make crucial changes one step at a time. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. Your spouse might feel unimportant today due to your hectic schedule, and he/she might show the displeasure in the evening.

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