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July 29th – August 4th, 2019, Leo accurate weekly horoscope

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Whether you are a late July born Leo or you were born in August and regardless of when your actual birthday falls, this is your week. It is a combination of a number of different factors that makes this the week where you are able to take your birthday month and new solar year in both hands and embrace the journey. This is partly because of Venus' return to Leo over the weekend, which is giving your heart a voice during the first full week of your birthday month. It is also partly because both the Sun and Venus returned last week to find Mars already in Leo and already fuelling your passions and fighting spirit. Yet it is mainly the Moon's return midweek and the New Moon this will create. As well as giving this new solar year a tailwind, this will bring all the different strands together. Moving into August on Thursday is a chance to put the past behind you and not just embrace the future but one that looks to be an exciting solar year and journey.

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Leo free weekly horoscope July 29th – August 4th, 2019

Get ready for a fresh start in your personal life. Beginning on Wednesday, the New Moon in your sign will fire up your need for fulfillment during the next two weeks. A dream you’ve been thinking about may suddenly take on new life and motivate you to go for it. What’s at the top of your wish list, Leo? Whether you’re paired or seeking someone special, Mercury turning stationary-direct in Cancer midweek will gradually pull your attention out of the past and into the present. This is good news for your relationships because you’ll express yourself more effectively. A Love Psychic can reveal what’s ahead for your heart.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Leo July 29th – August 4th, 2019

Let your ideas grow slowly and be patient. During this time, you will need to tune more into your intuitive side to reap the success you are looking for. Consider establishing new relationships. The alignment of the planets will certainly bring a whole range of emotions, that are likely to be wild and fiery, and not at all “nicely” expressed. Analysis helps you reach the required standards in your relationships. Be careful, you may be expecting an argument because of financial gains. Consider doing something impromptu. Those of you who have made their mind about trip can do it. Your plans are getting away from reality. Greed harms you.

If you haven’t fallen in love with anyone yet, then now is the time to do it. You are very at home with the world of emotions and feelings this cycle is presenting. Protect yourself from unwanted meetings and conversations with little-known acquaintances. Right now you need privacy to understand your life problems and think of ways to solve them. Your trips will be successful if planned ahead of time. The planets are bringing you the opportunity to stop and consider whether you are actually involved with the right people. You must keep your dreams and plans secret from strangers. Do without hesitation the changes considered in the past days. Many of you will experience a desire to create.

You’re successful in your job if you do not put imaginary problems in your head. The energy emanating from the planets puts you in touch with your feelings. It may be better to slow down instead of speeding up, as you don’t want to jump into anything too fast and then discover you have made a mistake. You have everything you need to make this an extremely successful period wherever you happen to be. There will be a great sense of harmony soon and there may be some surprising changes and new developments around you. Do not go on the road. Do not allow yourself to lose money because of your misconduct. You will find yourself surrounded by interesting and influential people who may want to be useful to you and support your plans and projects. Try to judge your own actions from the no-too-distant past, and if you need to – apologize. Do not give in to reckless proposals.

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July 29th – August 4th, 2019 Leo horoscope this week

The Moon will transit in the eleventh, twelfth, first and second house respectively. As soon as the Moon sets its foot in your eleventh house, your income will increase. Prospects of earning monetary resources will also get created. Businessmen will lay their hands on good returns. Job holders will also gain success in their workplace with the support of their senior officials. At the same time, if any previous project is incomplete, then you can restart to work on it with the assistance of someone. Reputation with societal fraternity will increase. Afterwards, when the transit of Moon occurs in your twelfth house, Leo natives will spend their finances in buying luxuries, comforts and other things. The possibility of health remaining under the weather is also quite high. Undertaking unnecessary journeys may also use up some of your finances, which is why it is better to postpone such a journey. Overall, it can be said that during this week’s time, your economic position will remain weak and can give birth to mental tensions. Very soon, you will experience the effects of the Moon's transit in your lagna house. This will strengthen your decision-making abilities. Finances can also be acquired from foreign sources. Although health problems can disturb you, with the aid of good efforts within the professional sphere, you will get rid of all the problems. As the week moves towards its conclusive phase, you will suddenly stumble upon economic rewards from a certain source. Your speech will be pleasant and you will be successful in obtaining finances. Problems may persist between family members, which will escalate your mental stress.
Also, Mercury will move in retrograde motion and make its transit in the eleventh house of Leo natives. This is the time when optimum profits will come to the forefront. Businessmen will also earn profits. However, job holders may get into fights with their senior officials. In such a situation, maintain a calm demeanor and avoid such conflicting situations. Afterwards, when the Mercury becomes direct and moves in the twelfth house, expenses can arise.

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