August 20th, 2019, Leo daily horoscope for today

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The Moon's return to your career sector is a monthly event but its return today will reveal that everything has changed. This first visit since Uranus' retrograde turn here last week was always going to be a valuable chance to check in, but will also ensure your professional instincts and imagination are fuelled as new income developments take yet another turn for the better. It was only over the weekend that everything started to take a turn for the better across the income, work and career fronts.

Picturing someone 'rising' to a challenge creates a clear image of them taking a deep breath, summoning courage, and being determined to be bigger than the challenge on offer. A situation in an area of your world requires you to do precisely that. For as long as you're beneath it, looking upward, it enjoys feeling superior. It's time to show how unafraid of it you are.

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Leo free horoscope prediction August 20th 2019

A new day is dawning both metaphorically and literally and today is a harbinger for new beginnings. Check and see, is there anything still holding you back? If there is, take care of it now so you can sail forward free and clean. With Uranus, the Great Awakener, transiting the sector of you chart that rules career, recognition, and achievement, making powerful positive angles with Mars, don’t hesitate to float new ideas, solutions, and possibilities past your boss. There’s a very good chance they’ll bring you the kind of positive attention you’re looking for. A reading with a Career Psychic can help guide you.

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Astrology of Leo for today August 20th 2019

Fate requires your obedience and patience if you want to finish the job. Your successes are secured if you do not make mistakes because of your lack of inattention. There’s a possibility for relationships complication in your family if you are indelicate. You are very at home with the world of emotions and feelings this cycle is presenting. You are tempted to embark on changes just because you have accidentally been at the center of important events. You want to achieve your goals, but you will constantly meet the stubbornness of people around you. Take a small idea and make it bigger, you will take a small amount of money and it will grow. Travel. Try not to over-analyze your current status. Distribute your strength properly to avoid overload.

If you are already in a family, then you will experience a revival in your matrimony relationship and with your mate you will be swallowed up by swirling meetings, trips and new dating experiences. You may meet people who will insist on getting acquainted with you. Planetary energy now may be a decisive factor in the way you perceive situations, so don’t make any judgments at this time, rather wait a while until you can make a more informed decision. Feelings are intense, and a situation may be about to blow sky high. Do not take a business trip. You have to postpone the discussion of new important decisions and the initiation of changes. You will get long-awaited information. You may need to assess something in your present by a different yardstick than the one that you have at present. Do not compromise with yourself so that you don’t lose faithful friends and show weakness to your closest people.

You are distracted at work, but if you concentrate, success will be with you. The celestial influences at play will help you focus your attention on your feelings. The period is particularly fruitful for people of art – they will receive their dream proposal. Your overall mood will be one of peace and calm, but other people may be trying your patience. Expect material attainments. Changes that can soon benefit you will reveal new opportunities for recognition. Only allow people who you can rely on to be close to your plans. You may get so involved with the analytical thought process that you forget that your true strengths lies in your intuition and sensitivity. Now is not the time for business trips. Sometimes you have to be your outrageous self.

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August 20th 2019 Leo zodiac sign online forecast

Your charming behaviour will attract attention. Investment made today will enhance your prosperity and financial security. A day for renewal of bonds and ties with relations. Phone call you receive from your beloved/spouse would make your day. Do not be outspoken and emotional during business meetings-You can easily damage your reputation if you do not control your speech. You will use your hidden qualities to make the best of the day. Your spouse will appreciate you today praising all nice about you and falling for you again.

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