July 1st, 2019, Libra daily horoscope for today

what's libra horoscope for today

Sometimes it really is a case of 'it is not what you know but who you know that counts' and this is set to become a theme that will play out time and again on both the personal and professional fronts over the coming weeks. Mars will leave your career sector just two hours before the Moon returns ahead of tomorrow's total solar eclipse, having done his part to prepare you to run with anything this might trigger. In the meantime, Mars moves on to join Mercury in a social and serendipitous part of your chart.

There's an old saying that goes, 'never try to teach a pig to sing; it only wastes your time and annoys the pig.' You could feel at this time as if your efforts to convince or persuade someone not only fall on deaf ears but are met with a complete unwillingness to cooperate. Pushing your point isn't the answer. Incorporating a bit of breathing space in between conversations could help them to flourish.

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Libra free horoscope prediction July 1st 2019

Your inner social butterfly is taking center stage. Between now and August 17, Mars traveling through Leo in your social realm will launch you into a whirlwind of friendly gatherings, and perhaps a collaborative effort or two. You may even initiate a reunion of friends from a certain time in your life. Also, consider participating in a group that focuses on altruism or personal growth to bring new friends into your life. However, since Mars represents conflict, some of those encounters may challenge you in some way. It’s all good, Libra. A Love Psychic can offer insights about the assortment of characters you’ll meet on your journey.

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Astrology of Libra for today July 1st 2019

As Moon makes its presence felt in Gemini some of you may be feeling quite motivated and determined to explore things beyond your usual bounds. You would want to address parts of your life which seem to be a little imbalanced may be work or personal issues. Libra, this is a good day for problem solving as doing so brings a sense of harmony in your relationships, say Astroyogi astrologers. Anything of high importance needs to be taken care between 1:30 pm and 3 pm if you want to achieve desired results. Yellow is your lucky color for the day.

Today try to avoid small arguments with your partner. There may be some insignificant issues that get blown out of proportion today because emotions are running high. Do your part to calm things down and let cooler heads prevail. These minor squabbles will pass in no time.

There will be good career developments today for you. Gains from overseas connections are indicated today, so if you have contacts with parties abroad for your work, see if there are any professional opportunities that could come your way via those parties. Make sure you seriously consider any options that are offered to you today as some very exciting developments could come from them.

Today is a day when overseas ventures are considered very lucky and lucrative. If you are working with a company based overseas, or if your business has overseas contacts, you may find that those relationships pay off today in more ways than one. This could be just the time to make that bold business move with your foreign client. Keep the communication lines open across borders!

Minor injuries are indicated today so be careful while doing things like driving or cooking. Just be mindful in your actions and you should be just fine to escape harm. However, do make sure to be very wary of sharp implements, fire and hot burners today. Today stomach aches are also likely to trouble you if you do not eat in moderation. Avoid overeating and also stick to a good diet.

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July 1st 2019 Libra zodiac sign online forecast

You may ruin your authority because of your hastiness. Harmony in your relationship, calmness and generosity are a wonderful way to achieve the desired fruition. You may win the envy of others. Now you need to avoid emotional reactions to prevent harming yourself. At this point it is of the utmost importance that the proposals made to you are properly assessed. You reap successes in your finances. Life is a continuing succession of changes and perhaps one your part will pay off. Refuse a trip that is costly and will reduce your savings. The period is tense but nevertheless allows you to engage in considering what you have been planning for a long time. The planets support you in all your endeavors.

Your sense of humor really comes into its own along this cycle and if there is any problem between you and your partner, then with some true communication and the ability to be open and honest with each other, you should be able to laugh it off because at times like this, the good in the relationship far outweighs the problematic. You feel in harmony with yourself emotionally. What you need now more than ever is calmness and patience. Stabilize your relationships with the people around you. Soon you will be in a good mood and achieve your goals. Trips are in your favor now. Put into effect the useful changes in your life. You will enjoy psychologically analyzing someone of your surroundings, just so you know which strings to pull if you need a favor. In the evenings try enjoying peace of mind in the company of your close and loved ones.

Do not show ambition and do not make any changes in your professional life. It is worth persisting, because eventually people will get the message and will be stunned at your courage. Remember that in order to be successful in the business world, you need to roll with the punches, so keep your chin up. You may find yourself in a deeply pensive and philosophical mood, turning various events and conversations over and over in your mind in order to try and get to the bottom of a dilemma. If you have plans you need to discuss, you need to be sensitive and feel your way through. Consider what’s better – whether to go to a party or be alone for a while. Do what you love to do and the money will follow. It is better to quit unconsidered journeys because you may miss important meetings with the potential for future success. Change of a most positive kind is in the air. Let go of misconceptions and just be real.

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Libra daily horoscope for today July 1st 2019

Support of highly influential people will give a big boost to your moral. Bank dealing need to be handled very carefully. At home your children will present you with a situation which has been blown out of proportion- Verify the facts before taking any action. Love is always soulful, and you will experience this today. Associate today with experienced people and learn from what they have to say. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. You will have a series of quarrels that will make you feel like giving up your relationship. However, do not give in that easily.

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