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July 22nd – July 28th, 2019, Libra accurate weekly horoscope

what's libra horoscope for today

Tensions in general start to dial back this week and especially from Tuesday onwards. All the oxygen has been taken up by an incredible 14 oppositions in the space of just five weeks between planets on the home and career fronts or those representing your outer and inner worlds. This isn't counting last week's lunar eclipse, which was the ultimate clash between the two. There have been a lot of exciting things happening, but the loudest noise will always get our attention. As tensions drop, this will allow the other influences in play to flourish. This includes some real opportunities for professional growth, with the pressure you've been under having had a chance to propel things forward. This will see both your job and professional confidence increase. At the same time this ushers in a growth period and even an opportunity for healing across the communication, friendship and relationship building fronts.

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Libra free weekly horoscope July 22nd – July 28th, 2019

Mars heating up your solar eleventh this week should make you the life of the party. You will exude more fire than usual in group situations of all kinds. A new love possibility will sit up and take notice unexpectedly. If partnered, your mate may be full of energy. Jupiter in your solar third could bring in a chance for a short trip or local excursion, which will be unexpectedly advantageous and enjoyable. Consult with a Love Psychic to know which invitations to accept.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Libra July 22nd – July 28th, 2019

Professionally, you will excel this week, but you must put a lot of hard work and grit into all you do. This isn’t beyond you, although there is an idealistic streak to you that can make it difficult for you to see things as they truly are. Nonetheless, you are capable of true grit when required. Your domestic relationships will be cordial and enjoyable. Making and sustaining new friendships will be easy for you. Libra is after all the sign of friendship, valuing fairness, justice and fun in equal measure. Venus in Cancer bestows you with a sense of serenity. Work will be completed with unflappable calm. You will sail past tight deadlines and pressure. Romantically, you may not be at your zenith. Is it time to relight the fire?

This week some couples will have an exciting love life while some will find it really dull with nothing much happening. Some couples will add spice to their romantic life by planning something real fun for both of them. Some will be tempted to get into an extramarital affair which could wreck their marriage. So, strictly avoid it. Divorcees should not get into a new relationship so soon.

Take decisions regarding your future very carefully this week. Do not be in a hurry to change your job or even apply for one, as this is not the right time. You and your boss may not agree on certain matters; don`t say a word as the problem is likely to be resolved on its own. A very good time is indicated for business professionals as your long pending deals are finalized and you get satisfactory returns.

The week ahead looks great on the financial front. Opportunities come your way and you are able to use these to your advantage. A partnership will bode well for you and will bring in monetary gains. Look out for investments in mutual funds or insurance, as they will bring you gains in the future, if not now. Your ability to save for the future will pay off and will help you stay on stable ground.

This week you will find some relief from headaches that had been troubling you since the past few days. Heart patients and BP patients need to strictly follow their diet and be very particular about not taking any risks. Also, this is not a very good time to miss out on daily walks and workouts. Weight gain is indicated for those of you who are not bothered about your health issues and overeat most of this week.

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July 22nd – July 28th, 2019 Libra horoscope this week

Current planetary energies will make you more patient. Now is a good time to plant the seeds for future success, but don’t forget to stop and reward yourself for how far you’ve come. You are usually very reticent about your feelings, preferring to hide behind a veneer of cynicism or some other facade, but this is about to change soon. You begin to see why it is so important to let people know just how much you can tolerate, and just where your limits actually lie. Your plans will go wrong because of an unexpected urgent encounter with influential people. Talking honestly about how you feel could transform things more quickly than you think. You should not negotiate loans. Refuse a trip that is costly and will reduce your savings. Avoid criticism and analyze your own behavior. Distribute your strength properly to avoid overload.

If you get the impression that someone will not take no for an answer, then you may need to resort to another method – maybe you have other potential love interests around you, so it may help to date a few of these, and get the person in question to understand that right now you are simply not available. Persistence and patience are always rewarded. Keep calm and don’t immediately share your joys with your neighbors because they are envious. You’re about to ruin your mood because of some hastiness that has hindered you. The trips will be enjoyable if you are with the right attitude. Analyzing the behavior of the people who oppose you and your own too will only bring you benefits. Take on seriously your tasks that help you carry out your plans. You have known for some time that you need to change if you are ever going to find real happiness. Finish what is long overdue and meet your promises.

Businessmen holding responsible financial positions should be careful when signing agreed investments. Although you may find the period’s energy a little too emotional, it will be good for you. Take your time and be patient. Unwavering good luck will see you through to success. A long-held wish or desire, or a certain goal you have in mind really needs to break out and be free. The planets suggest that you may find yourself inundated with requests for outings. Expect revenue. New information will soon force you to rethink your actions and change your way of life. Don’t over-analyze scenes and conversations that are swarming in your head from the past. You shouldn’t hide from your problems.

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Libra accurate weekly horoscope July 22nd – July 28th, 2019

The transit of Jupiter’s disciple i.e. the planet Moon will take place in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house. Conjointly, the planet Venus will also be entering the tenth house of your sign. You will get blessed with a baby as soon as the Moon takes residency in the fifth bhava. The week will begin on a splendid note for you as your children will see the face of professional success. This will contribute to your happiness too. Since the fifth house is associated with knowledge and education, students under the Libra zodiac sign will do well in their studies. The outcome of the hard work done by them will be visible in their results as they will pass with flying colours. Others, who wish to pursue higher education, will witness the fulfillment of their wishes. On the familial front, mother's health condition will remain adequate. Meanwhile, when the Moon enters your sixth house, you can encounter problems while settling domestic chores. Family life can also be filled with discord and disputes. Apart from this, your enemies will also prevail over you. In order to keep problems at bay which can be generated by them, you are advised to remain cautious. Health should also be taken care of. When the luminary planet occupies the seventh house, business natives belonging to the sign of the scales may reap profitable benefits. If you adhere to partnership in business, then a good amount of return is also liable to come into your hands. The chances of business getting expanded are also quite high. No matter the circumstances, you should always trust your partner. At the end of the week, the eighth house of your sign will be taken into account by the planet Moon. During this time, you should remain careful and put forward each and every step of yours carefully. Extra precautions must be taken while driving any vehicle as you may fall prey to an accident and get hurt otherwise. Also during this time, your inclination towards spiritualism will increase. Father can also encounter some difficulties and sufferings. Your mind will not be at peace due to the transit of Venus in the tenth house. There is also the possibility of suffering from mental stress. At the same time, you have to contemplate gravely before undertaking any task at work place as the repercussions will be quite dire otherwise.

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