October 18th, 2019, Libra daily horoscope for today

what's libra horoscope for today

With no planetary activity in an adventurous part of your chart and life set to become even more professionally focused from tomorrow, the Moon's final hours here need to be embraced. In the final days of your birthday month this is more than just a chance to embrace a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure and instead is a chance to get serious about having a bucket list for the coming year. As Mars moves into his final month in Libra today, the warrior planet of the cosmos needs something to get excited about.

You're granted some potentially much needed 'breathing space' in an area of your world now. Something that may have needed constant thought or careful monitoring can be left alone to tick along at its own pace and progress in its own way, for now, anyway. You needn't give a matter that might be out of your hands as much time or attention as you believe is necessary. Try to be less concerned about something that might prove how able it is to take care of itself.

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Libra free horoscope prediction October 18th 2019

General Overview: Finding something that gives you purpose is crucial. Your journey can take you all over the place. You’ll need time to experiment and explore all the options. Meanwhile, a smart and courageous Gemini can help you grow beyond what you know.

Love/Friendship: There’s a lot more going on in your love life than meets the eye. Bottomless passion and intensity mean that you’re aiming for something that goes beyond a casual connection. It’s a lot for a partner to live up to. Be careful not to come on too strong. This is a big lesson, and the class will be in session on this for some time. Not everyone can meet you where you are emotionally. At least, not right away. Give love time to incubate.

Career/Finance: Your haggling skills are on point as shrewd Mercury aligns with persuasive Pluto. You could score the right price on a necessary purchase. Doing a little research beforehand will be helpful. It’s also an excellent time to negotiate a raise.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: A messy moon/Jupiter opposition in your wisdom zones could get you bogged down with information. If you’re learning something new, allow time to digest new data before advancing to the next topic. Otherwise, you miss the meaning altogether

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Astrology of Libra for today October 18th 2019

The energy emanating from the planets puts you in touch with your feelings. Don’t protect someone without being asked to do so. Right now you need privacy to understand your life problems and think of ways to solve them. Success is yours as long as you have faith and let other people know exactly who you are and how you operate. You have friends who do not agree with your risky intentions. The cycle’s planetary constellation may spell out a cunning plan in which your bank balance can suddenly rocket to higher levels. It is not desirable to travel because you are distracted. Look forward to pleasant news related to your intentions for change. This is a time when you have to consider the more practical and materialistic aspects of your daily existence that will help bring a sense of perspective, which could be just what you need. Be careful if you want avoid wrong course of action.

You have to learn to be more reserved in love. Inch by inch, slowly but surely – patience will give you confidence and security every step of the way. You’re under the heavy influence of emotion. Do not give a sign that you know about intrigue among people around you because such do not concern you. Careful analysis of what is going on during this period will help you gain extra benefit for yourself. Your tasks are many, so it’s good to plan wisely. Take a fun trip. Influential acquaintances will help you in the change you are considering. Protect your interests.

Do not start a new activity in your job if you haven’t considered everything in detail. Fear of failure is your worst enemy at this time. Consider well strengthening yourself with more patience, especially now. The planets are radiating an energy that is bringing you into the limelight more than ever. Analysis helps you reach the required standards in your relationships. You will soon decide to make a deeper commitment to yourself by building plans for a more assured future. Do not travel abroad. If you are offered new sources of income, do not reject them. There is no time like the present for making changes, and to be honest, change is the only thing we can be sure about. All difficulties are easy to overcome if you don’t worry too much.

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October 18th 2019 Libra zodiac sign online forecast

Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for those venturing out to have fun. Do not invest in joint ventures and dubious financial schemes. Don't let your friends take advantage of your generous nature. Power of love gives you a reason to love. Keep a vigil in the business to save yourself from cheating. Travel plans if any-might get postponed due to last minute changes in your schedule. Your spouse will appreciate you today praising all nice about you and falling for you again.

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