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July 18th, 2019, Pisces daily horoscope for today

what's pisces horoscope for today

As Mercury retrogrades back out of your busy work sector and back into a playful part of your chart, this will have positive implications on both fronts. Since Mercury's retrograde turn Mars has been held back, unable to push work and job matters forward as quickly as he would like to. As Mercury leaves everything holding things back on the job front is released, allowing things to shoot forward. Yet by retrograding back to join the Sun and Venus in a playful part of your chart, this will ensure life doesn't become all work and no play.

A vision of your future could require careful consideration. It doesn't demand immediate attention but will require action at some point soon. Before you can decide your most sensible or practical step, you're encouraged to detach yourself to gain a clearer perspective, and that's where frustration might come from now. Try to accept that you could benefit from not assessing it so closely.

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Pisces free horoscope prediction July 18th 2019

You’re in touch with the higher vibration of love. As Venus in your romance realm links to your Neptune ruler, you’ll become aware of the spiritual elements you need in a relationship. A lover who’s in-tune with your true self and supports your aspirations would be ideal. However, dreams sometimes come true in unexpected ways, such as through a lesson you needed to learn from a challenging relationship to prepare you for meeting a soulmate. In other words, strive to appreciate the bonds you’ve made (and sometimes broken) along the journey to true love. A Past Life Psychic can give you a deeper understanding of your relationships.

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Astrology of Pisces for today July 18th 2019

As Moon remains in Capricorn you may be in high spirits feeling content and satisfied. Your wonderful energy and your unique qualities may be well appreciated by others, Pisces. This positive feeling may make you feel enthusiastic and motivated about going forward with certain ideas. Use this time to make things work according to your advantage and plan accordingly. Astroyogi astrologers suggest that anything important needs to be completed between 5:15 pm and 6 pm for optimal results. Wear something in deep red to attract positive cosmic energy.

You are likely to head out of town today for a brief excursion. This will be to reconnect with your partner and have a few laughs, and you will come back feeling refreshed. Your mate will shower you with adoration and affection, making you feel loved. Don`t feel guilty if you left the kids with their grandparents, they are having a grand old time while you`re gone!

The recognition you deserve comes your way. Your colleagues and superiors finally sit up and take notice of your achievements. You`re going to be under the spotlight during this period for all the right reasons. Everything is going as per your plans. This is as good a time as any other to try to give your career a big boost. Make efforts to keep this going in this upward direction!

Be mindful of potential financial losses and delays today. Don`t make any rash decisions on your expenditures, and also generally be conservative in the other areas of your life as unexpected problems are likely to crop up today. Today is a day to just keep your nose to the grindstone and just slide through to tomorrow!

You are prone to catching a cough or cold today so try to avoid very dusty environments. Citrus fruits and leafy vegetables are the order of the day in order to keep your health in tip top shape. You may also be prone to headaches, so stay away from places that are very noisy. Try to rejuvenate and strengthen your body today and you will feel fine again soon.

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July 18th 2019 Pisces zodiac sign online forecast

Don’t show anxiety. Consider establishing new relationships. There is a lot of depth and real feeling around. Don’t let fear of failure overcome you during this period. Remember that your charm can create miracles, but do not rely solely on it to achieve your goals. Expect material attainments. Don’t make travel plans. This is a great time to consider taking the plunge with respect to a certain action. Changes that can soon benefit you will reveal new opportunities for recognition. Keep your good mood and attitude, in spite of your problems.

The best way to maintain harmony for representatives with the sign with family life will be communicating and discussing important issues. Do not get too much into the critics of the people around you, especially if it is useful to you, and even if it’s making you uncomfortable – accept it with gratitude. You may experience difficult times ahead of you, so better arm with patience. Try not to be mad with people around you. Planets promise realization of an old plan. Analyze your achievements not only for the moment but also for the whole period and eliminate your own mistakes to avoid penalties. The planets promise news related to a close friend that will surprise you pleasantly. Trips are in your favor now. Be flexible to deal with every emerging situation.

You are convincing and earn the trust of others in your business and work relationships. Success and good fortune could seem right around the corner. You will feel the need to harmonize with yourself on an emotional basis. Your ideas will be supported if tactically and not too insistently put them up for discussion. This is a good time to put your money toward something meaningful – something that will help you. Change of a most positive kind is in the air. The current astral energy may disrupt some of your best-laid plans, but there could be a very good reason for this. There will be difficulties requiring mandatory investigation of your behavior so far. Don’t travel. Be patient!

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Pisces daily horoscope for today July 18th 2019

Try to improve your health and overall personality for a better life. Today you can easily raise capital- collect outstanding debts- or ask for funds to work on new projects. Negligence of your life partner may mar the relationship. Spend your valuable time and relive your sweet memories to regain your happy golden days. Your eyes light up with joy and heart beat fast as you meet your dream girl today. Your cooperative attitude and analytical skills will be noticed. Charity and social work will attract you today-You can make enormous difference if you give your time for noble cause. You will experience the best day of your married life today.

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