August 5th – August 11th, 2019, Pisces accurate weekly horoscope

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With Mars leaving your busy work sector at the end of next week and then not returning until 2021, he was always going to keep this week busy. Where Mars is, is where you are drawn to take action, make things happen and get things done and right now that means on the job front or with anything that keeps you busy or occupies your time. This is not just about being busy at work but the things that keep us busy at other times as well. However, this won't feel onerous and while Mars does encourage you to put everything you have into everything you do, with Jupiter in his final week in retrograde motion in your career sector this is keeping things balanced. While Mercury will join Mars and the stunning team of planets at his side next week, in his final week in a playful part of your chart he is working to find a balance between work and play.

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Pisces free weekly horoscope August 5th – August 11th, 2019

With your delicate and ethereal nature you need to stay out of the scorching sun, both literally and figuratively. This may not feel like “your time” because, frankly, it isn’t. That will be next month. But, this is a time of intense creative work output. Plus, chances to improve your health with lots of planets energizing your sixth house of health routines are really promised for you this week. It would be good to start a cleansing or exercise regimen that would help you meet your wellness goals in a big way!
With the moon in your solar fifth house of romance for two days midweek, you will still have fun and excitement if you focus on Water and Earth sign connections. Why not plan to go out and enjoy?
Partnered Pisceans will find their mates feeling extra passionate on August 7 and 8 this week, so schedule in some couple time and make it a priority. Try that plush restaurant with the white table cloths and gourmet cuisine to start the evening off, and enjoy dessert at home.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Pisces August 5th – August 11th, 2019

In order to avoid the mischief of your enemies – don’t share your intentions. You have reached a pivotal time in which you will either celebrate your success or feel the disappointment of your failure. Soon you may just have to access that place in your heart where some of your most delicate emotions exist. The stars warn you that it’s better to be patient in order to save yourself from failures. Don’t travel. Rearrange your finances if you are planning on some kind of investment. A message from the universe – you need to change. Decide whether you are sure in the exactness of your actions. You want to achieve your goals, but you will constantly meet the stubbornness of people around you. Do not deny help to loved ones or friends.

Time is very appropriate and promises many opportunities for love, flirts and entertainment – communication will play an important role in all of this. At new meetings, do not miss your chance to create useful partnerships. At the immediate moment you need to resolve your problems, but are overwhelmed by emotions that push your thoughts in a different direction and you must first master them. You risk ruining a stable relationship, if you don’t demonstrate the needed calmness and composure. There some incoming changes that may prevent you from coping with your tasks, despite your self-confidence. The trips will be enjoyable if you are with the right attitude. You strive for your goals, but it is in your favor to be scrupulous. Some deep and careful thought on the subject that concerns you may be of great value now. Put more thought into your actions to avoid disappointment.

Make the necessary purchases before work and then take up your job assignments. Now you need to be careful of losing patience. You need to take a more understanding approach if you want to be successful. The astral influence may encourage you to express how you feel about someone dear to you. You may feel as though you are balancing on the edge of a precipice but you can take swift action to make a change and you can do so in such a way that what transpires actually improves your life for the better. Don’t be surprised if you are offered a trip to somewhere exotic. Try not to analyze everything some are saying, and why they might be saying it. Be reasonable and don’t spend money without a good reason. Your friends are against the plans you consider to implement, but they will soon agree with you. Be responsible for your actions.

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August 5th – August 11th, 2019 Pisces horoscope this week

Seventh house, or the Vivah Bhava, is the significator of partnerships in life, marital life, long-term relationships, and import-export, and it will get occupied by Moon at the beginning of the week. On the professional front, chances of progress in the business are likely. Relationship with your business partner will become strong, and its positive effects will be seen in your trade. Any advice given by your family members, or an experienced person will help you to move along the path of success, and hence, you will be able to further expand your business. Your closed ones will undoubtedly support you, which will boost your confidence and will power.
Next, Moon will enter in the eighth house of your sign in its transitory motion, which is also its debilitated house. This house signifies sudden and unexpected incidents. With the effect of this transit, you may suffer from mental stress due to numerous events. Chances of incurring financial loss are also high. Situations at office may not remain up to the mark, and there are chances of you over-exerting yourself. Even at your home, disputes may arise between you and your family members or among family members, which will create an environment of unrest. This will also lead to a decline in health. Hereby, you are advised to look after yourself, not push your limits and try and take a break. On a positive note, your children are likely to gain benefits from this transit. As a result, they may attain commendable marks in their studies and get appreciated by their teachers, which will boost their confidence levels.
Approaching the weekend, Moon will transit in your ninth house of luck and religion, which signifies fate, long-distance travels and father or father-like figure. As per Vedic Astrology, this transit of Moon in your ninth house proves to be beneficial for you. Therefore, you may go on a trip, which will prove to be entertaining and jovial for you. You will experience the time of your life, and rejuvenate your mind and senses to start everything fresh. You can also plan for a pilgrimage to any religious place with your family, which will entail a sense of spirituality within them. This transit proves to be beneficial for you, as relationship with your father will greatly transform and become great. You two will bond over different things and share your views on topics related to life.
During the weekend, Moon will transit in the tenth house, which represents actions, karma and profession. The Moon in this house will result in tensions and stress occupying the familial life. There will be arguments between the family members, which will further create chaos in life. If you approach your family regarding something or try to talk to them, things may not go as planned. In such a case, you are needed to remain calm and composed and communicate with them without raising your voice or tone. At workplace too, your opponents may conspire against you and try and create a negative image of yours. Also, there are chances of you not being able to concentrate on your tasks due to various distractions. In such a case, avoid being a part of office gossip and politics, and try and deliver your best.
This week, Mars is also transiting in your sixth sign respectively, which signifies opponents or enemies, debts, loans, elections, and advocacy. This planetary transit will be mostly advantageous for Pisces natives. They will dominate their enemies, and win over them with their quick wit and intellect. This period of this transit will be very favourable for them, as they will emerge as a winner in politics, if politically involved, games and sports, if a sportsperson, and competitive exams, if you have appeared and studied hard. If you are stuck in any legal case, there is a possibility of the judgement being delivered in your favour. Although, your expenses may increase, but with an appropriate budget plan, you will be able to conquer the economic difficulties.

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