August 26th, 2019, Pisces daily horoscope for today

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While Mercury is tying up loose ends on the job front and Jupiter continues to gain speed, momentum and power on the career front, a combination of forces is guarding against life becoming all work and no play. While this is partly because you have the Moon moving through a playful part of your chart during Pallas' first full day in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery in four years, playful lunar vibes are tapping into something here to stay. There is no battle between playful and professional forces for they can't see why you can't embrace both.

We tend to be suspicious of “catches“ attached to commitments or arrangements. We see these as something that could cause us to regret involving ourselves. However, it's possible that you could look too intently for a clause or condition you're certain will be a source of regret if you take the step you're considering. In truth, you might need to offer a quick response. Try not to spend too much time identifying potential pitfalls.

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Pisces free horoscope prediction August 26th 2019

Your powers of perception can be right on target. As Venus in your partnership zone syncs with Uranus in your mental realm, you’ll be inspired to hold an enlightening conversation with your mate or best friend. Unbeknownst to you, a revealing insight may be headed your way. It’s all good. With your astute intuition, you likely have an excellent good idea of what this person has on his or her mind, anyway, so no surprise there. If you’re seeking romance, your inner guidance can reveal clues about your future partner. Consider reaching out to a Love Psychic to find out what’s ahead for your heart.

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Astrology of Pisces for today August 26th 2019

Let your ideas grow slowly and be patient. Content with themselves will be those of you who are calm and do not create conflicts. To achieve balance, do not get involved with unnecessary conversations. There is no need to struggle in order for you to be successful. Dare to consider all the possible options open to you. Planetary configuration brings a lot of good ideas and you may have some wonderful ideas for plans. Don’t be afraid to put your money down on an investment that you think is worthy. Do not aim for success through unexpected changes. If you need to travel, be especially careful. Consider a right tactic of behavior and be precise in your demands.

Given the planetary lineup, you will need to watch you are not trying to hang on to the past as far as a certain relationship is concerned… if someone close to you has hinted that they think it is time you went your separate ways, and you know deep in your heart this is the right thing to do, don’t resist for old time’s sake. Put new tasks for the time when you have relaxed on the achieved results and you’re in harmonious relationships with people around you. The current celestial energy could indicate that as far as the future is concerned, there may be a source of tension present. Be cool and moderate in your words affecting people in your immediate environment. Perhaps it’s time for a camping trip or fishing somewhere special and beautiful. Evaluating the behavior of others and your own will protect you from mistakes. For those of you who have new ideas and plans – it’s good to share them with people who can help. News are coming that are going to change you from the inside out, and the outside in. This period is favorable for the realization of your wishes.

There’s a possibility of unexpected and undesired aggression from people in your business environment. Now is a great time to slow down and take things a little easy. You may learn that your project will slow down due to unexpected side factors. Soon you may just have to access that place in your heart where some of your most delicate emotions exist. You will be surprised by a financial success achieved through long-completed tasks. You risk falling into a troublesome situation if you don’t talk about your ventures and plans with the people close to you. There will be a great sense of harmony soon and there may be some surprising changes and new developments around you. Don’t travel. This is a great time to consider taking the plunge with respect to a certain action. All difficulties are easy to overcome if you don’t worry too much.

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August 26th 2019 Pisces zodiac sign online forecast

Your hope will bloom like a rich delicate fragrant and dazzling flower. Do not invest in joint ventures and dubious financial schemes. Try not to say the wrong things at the wrong time-Be careful not to hurt the ones you love. Handle things properly as mood of your spouse does not sound very good. Good day for businessmen as they might see some sudden unexpected profits or windfall. Your magnetic-outgoing personality will capture hearts. Your relatives might cause some harm your marital bliss today.

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