August 26th – September 1st, 2019, Pisces accurate weekly horoscope

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While the slower planets, those spending the whole year in the same areas of your chart are in a fixed position and won't move, the faster moving planets are all on the move and this not only changes the more immediate focus but the dynamics in the solar system. Before the planets one by one began leaving your work sector last week they had spent weeks and in some cases months forming strong relationships with planets in your income and career sectors. These are both fixed areas of your chart and while support from the planets moving through your work sector has been empowering, as they move on things dial back to a point where it becomes more about the journey. At the same time things are just now lighting up on the relationship front and as was the case with work and job matters, this is having wider implications. In particular it is the alignments being forged with Uranus in your communication sector this week that are empowering for both.

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Pisces free weekly horoscope August 26th – September 1st, 2019

Partnering up will be your mantra in the weeks ahead. Mercury entering Virgo on Thursday (through September 13) and the New Moon in Virgo on Friday join the sun, Venus, and Mars are supercharging your focus on partnerships and commitments. This means that conversations and shared activities with your significant other or someone else close to you will play an important role in your personal growth. If you’re solo and your heart is open, now is the time to focus on meeting someone compatible. An introduction can make that happen. Consider reaching out to a Love Psychic to find out what’s ahead for your current or future partnership.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Pisces August 26th – September 1st, 2019

Don’t be aggressive if you’re challenged to a political dispute because others can provoke you on purpose easily right now. Do not rely on the aegis of Fate, if you have decided to give your permission for financial investment – wait for a more appropriate period when you will have increased your income. Things may not be quite perfect now; there may be a touch too much emotion and feelings in the air that threatens to overflow everywhere at the slightest provocation. You will be enjoying happiness despite the difficulties on your way. While it is true that you do need to think clearly about how to achieve your goals and plans, only your heart can tell you what those really are. Increased pursuit of material success will earn you hostile attitude and communication problems. It is not desirable to travel and, if necessary – be cautious. Trying to analyze a certain point beyond complete exhaustion won’t get you any further toward a decision. You situation really isn’t that bad, it’s just your fear of tackling it so go ahead with confidence, and all will resolve itself in the end. Chaos and inefficiency are two situations that you need to try and avoid at all costs.

Soon will come a time when you feel very seductive and attractive – you can attract many admirers, but be careful because they may be set for one night stands. Look around carefully and consider whether you need to create new partnerships without putting too much emotion and impulsiveness in communication. There is a real flow of energy now, and the vibrations are wonderful for creating a great mood of harmony in you. You may find yourself displaying quite a lot of impatience during this cycle. This period’s planetary configuration is an omen of creative change. The planetary energy assists you in evaluating your progress toward certain goals. If you have the time to travel, take the opportunity. The planets are bringing you the opportunity to stop and consider whether you are actually involved with the right people. Take measure of your words and actions carefully.

You may be surprised by workplace mistakes, and if it’s your job to fix them, do not get angry, and rather solve the problems quickly. This cycle’s energy will help you face up to certain feelings that you perhaps have not been prepared to admit to yourself. You will deal with your biggest problems only if you are not impulsive. Despite emotions that you can hardly keep to yourself, you can expect positive changes guaranteeing success. New information will soon force you to rethink your actions and change your way of life. You will certainly benefit from making plans for the future, and with the current planetary energy, the more detailed they are, the better. Your actions are successful and will bring you new recognition and excellent revenue. A journey, you may need to take, will be tense and related to unpleasant conversations which you’ll be obliged to carry through. The present astral energy encourages you to think about your future. Do not put too much trust in people.

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August 26th – September 1st, 2019 Pisces horoscope this week

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh houses of Pisceans will be occupied by the son of sage Atri i.e. Moon during this week’s time. At the same time, the same sixth house will also be occupied by the planet Mercury. All of these houses will be in an active state during this week’s time. While the Moon remains posited in your fourth house, there will be a dearth of happiness in your domestic life. Due to a certain reason, you may also have to stay away from family members. But if you take abode in a rented apartment, there are chances of attaining profits. Tensions in the family will remain intact, which is why you should take the initiative to sort out the differences and neutralize the environment. Due to the ongoing turmoil in life, you may have to face several ups and downs in your professional life. Afterwards, when the transit of the Moon takes place in fifth house, your artistic abilities will increase. Pisces natives will also be seen giving time to their family, which will eliminate the problems to a great extent. This time will also prove to be beneficial for your children. You will do every possible thing to help you and success be theirs ultimately. Students will also receive good academic results.You are advised to listen to your heart and not hesitate to do so as you are likely to do something unexpected and extraordinary. Consequently, profits will also flow in your life. Afterwards, the sixth house of your sign will be occupied by the planet Moon and you may suffer from mental stress during this time. Students may also receive some sort of success in the Competitive sector. Hence, they are advised to work harder. If you take a pause while working hard, then the right fruits of time will not be made available to you. You will be able to perform well on your workplace in such a manner that your seniors will not be able to stop praising you. If any of your work has been on hold due to lack of monetary resources, then you can take a loan from someone and restart it as the available time slot is very efficient for it. Afterwards, at the end of the week, the Moon’s placement in the seventh house will bring some excellent amount of returns for natives who are into business. Married duos will also experience a favourable time and make the most of your conjugal life. Profits can also be garnered from foreign connections. Hemce, you are advised to keep up with the hard work and efforts.

Coming back to the transit of the dualistic planet Mercury, which will take place in the sixth house of your sign. At this point of time , you should not overlook your rivals at workplace as they have good chances of prevailing over you. You have to think before speaking at this time. You may have to face troubles because your words may have the propensity to hurt your peers. Also, pay proper heed to your finances and avoid unnecessary expenditures to avoid the creation of a hole in your pocket.

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