August 25th, 2019, Sagittarius daily horoscope for today

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When a planetary alignment, especially between a slower and a faster planet ends it is nearly always because the faster planet is overtaking the slower planet and in the process is taking the lead. This is exactly what is happening as Venus inches out in front of Mars in your career sector today, taking the lead just eight days after the warrior planet of the cosmos returned. At the same time, Venus moves into a friendly aspect to Uranus in your work sector, taking on the role of change agent across the income, work and career fronts.

There could be something not only reassuring but inspiring about the way something now “makes sense.“ You could be able to see new levels of logic and practicality in what has recently appeared illogical, impractical, or even nonsensical. Perhaps, it's the way something appears to be falling into place that pushes you to take a step you've been reluctant to take. As a particular vision appears more feasible, expect your motivation levels to rise accordingly!

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Sagittarius free horoscope prediction August 25th 2019

With the sun, Venus, and Mars in earthy Virgo, it’s a good thing for your fiery heart that Jupiter, your own ruling planet is in Sagittarius, keeping your spirits lifted and your mood happy! The moon is moving out of Gemini and into Cancer, so things may start to feel a little heavy and muddy soon. That’s okay though, because rather than fight that energy you’re going to roll with it, slow down a little bit, take some much-needed rest, and recharge. A reading with a Clairvoyant can help you see where you need to make some adjustments that will make your life, especially at work, much easier.

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Astrology of Sagittarius for today August 25th 2019

Forget the haste if you need to start new tasks. Proceed in your life with the realization that if you are rational you will succeed. Do not refuse to consider recent suggestions without answering because of your complete dependency on emotion. Rest assured that you do not confront everyone and deflect success from your path. You should not negotiate loans. Consider doing something impromptu. Make a detailed assessment of your actions and behavior. Someone may be in the mood to try and persuade you to go along with some very appealing plans, and you could be sorely tempted to follow blindly. Refrain from unadvised and risky trips. Depend on your intuition which will lead you to correct actions in any situation.

The recent full moon is capable of influencing your personal and love life, so pay attention to the events that will happen in the coming days. Your emotions may prevent you from perceiving conversations correctly. You tend to have a problem with setting boundaries for yourself, which means that at times people feel as though they can walk all over you. You cannot guess what someone is thinking, so you will just need to be patient and wait until you get a clearer perspective. If you’ve arranged an important meeting, do it as soon as possible. This is a very analytical time for you. The planets suggest that you may find yourself inundated with requests for outings. Prepare for serious changes in your personal life not related to your marriage partner, which may also affect your professional ways. Do not be tempted to venture into reckless adventures.

You will have to indulge in your work and business meetings. Expect to become much more successful when you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to others that you have a unique gift to share. Your desires and dreams are inconsistent with reality and will lead to a pessimistic mood and unwillingness to act if you continue to nurture them. Be patient with others and try not to overreact. Things do need to change, and burying your head in the sand won’t help. You have to postpone the discussion of new important decisions and the initiation of changes. Don’t over-analyze every small detail that crosses your path. Perhaps you could arrange to go out somewhere you have never been, but always wanted to go. Expect modest earnings. Keep away people who have disappointed you countless times.

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August 25th 2019 Sagittarius zodiac sign online forecast

Don't take your life for granted realize that the care for life is the real vow. Today instead of just sitting around-why not get involved in something- which will improve your earning power. A day when work pressure seems to be low and you will enjoy time with family members. Romance would be pleasurable and highly exciting. Good day for some recreation and entertainment. The day is exclusive in your regular married life, you will experience something really unusual today. With more free time, negative thoughts may trouble you more today. Read positive books, watch some entertaining movie or go out with friends.

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