October 17th, 2019, Sagittarius daily horoscope for today

what's sagittarius horoscope for today

A week after Mercury, moving through an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart moved into a friendly aspect to the North Node in your financial sector, Venus is doing the same today. A week after Mercury brought a mix of intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence together, Venus is able to fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination in a way that is more to do with wishful thinking. Between them, Venus allows you to focus on the 'what' and Mercury on the 'when, where and how'.

If you're willing to impart advice or wisdom to a certain person, then it's likely because you believe what you have to say or offer is helpful. You're unlikely to do so for the 'good of your health,' as the saying goes. You have a point you want someone to accept but might experience a 'horse to water' scenario when conveying it. Don't force what needn't be forced. Trust instead that you are listened to, even if it appears your words go in one person's ear and out the other.

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Sagittarius free horoscope prediction October 17th 2019

General Overview: No matter what happens, don’t let it stop you from being your usual kind and generous self. Giving to someone who may not deserve it still benefits you. Just remember, at work and play, a Gemini is your best ally, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them when you need help.

Love/Friendship: Whether you’re snubbed by a friend or a date, you won’t take kindly to being excluded. With an epic sun/Eris opposition impacting friendship and your love life, chaos arises when someone shuts you out. It can be especially disheartening if you’ve been making an effort to go along with the program. It’s hard not to take it personally, but in truth, it says more about how the other person treats people than about what you deserve. Alternately, you should be mindful not to alienate someone who cares for you.

Career/Finance: Attractor Venus aligned with the moon’s nodes suggests that you could benefit from a secret transaction. Be on the lookout for a way to spread the good fortune. It seems that you might be able to bring someone else into the circle of prosperity without compromising your piece of the pie. It can help turn this person into a supporter.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: If you need motivation, look no further than a go-getter friend. The moon aligning with high energy Mars in your people zones, says that you’ll get the boost you need from someone who’s a doer, not a talker.

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Astrology of Sagittarius for today October 17th 2019

The emergence of worrying unresolved family problems is a possibility now, so act before it’s too late. Soon you will have an extra boost of confidence, which puts you in quite a mood and draws people to you with whom you are happy to interact and genuinely at ease. Planetary energy now may be a decisive factor in the way you perceive situations, so don’t make any judgments at this time, rather wait a while until you can make a more informed decision. Find a way to incorporate your artistic nature into your work and you will be successful. Evaluate what you have achieved. Travel only if you have urgent meetings. There are powerful changes occurring in your life on very subtle levels. You will be angry with your loved ones because they may ignore your ideas and plans. If you have loaned someone money recently, some of it could be returned to you soon. In the evenings try enjoying peace of mind in the company of your close and loved ones.

The planetary lineup is can cause a situation in which you and your love interest need to work out where you are going together because your problem is that you tend to plunge into your emotions more than being present in the relationship. The intensity of your emotions may make themselves known, and you could find it impossible to stop yourself from being carried away in a frenzy of delight. You are currently finding it difficult to make new acquaintances with friends of your loved ones. The current planetary alignment may put your patience to a test. Plan your time with accordance to priorities. There is a great deal of pent up energy within you and you need to rid yourself of it by taking a long walk or a jog. Right now you will not be able to judge what people stand facing you and in your delusion, you risk letting them close to yourself. This period will be related to bad news that you must accept with calmness. Difficulties will worry you, them they being manageable.

New business offers are possible, which may prove useful to you and help you complete your work successfully. Prosperity requires to be tactical and not to talk much, especially now. The planetary alignment makes you want to rush things, but you need to show patience. You can play all kinds of games and drag red herrings all over the place in order to try and fool someone about your feelings. It is not desirable to travel. You need to appraise the situation in your own way and your own time, do not intend to be hurried by anyone into making a move before you are ready. Your plans could need restructuring. It’s important not to lend money in this moment. Take the step towards reaching your objectives and ideas that have already been developed. The more you can expand all aspects of your mental, emotional, and physical life, the better.

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October 17th 2019 Sagittarius zodiac sign online forecast

Health will be perfect today. Improvement in finances is certain. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet day with family members-If people approach you with problems- Ignore them and don't let this bother your mind. Love journey sweet but short lived This is an excellent time for developing professional contacts in other countries. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. If you and your spouse had a really good food or drinks today, health might suffer.

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