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June 10th – June 16th, 2019, Scorpio accurate weekly horoscope

what's scorpio horoscope for today

The Moon comes full circle from last month's Full Moon in Scorpio this week and the timing couldn't be better. The Moon doesn't return until Thursday, but returns just as an alignment between Mars in an adventurous and Neptune in a playful part of your chart is forming. The Moon will move into a friendly aspect with both, adding even more fuel to a passion for adventure and the courage to follow your heart. This comes just as Mars is coming under pressure, with old excuses being challenged. With new doors opening on the career front next week, this is a push to ensure you have the right balance between work and play. When the Moon leaves Scorpio on Saturday it will be to return to your income sector ahead of next Monday's Full Moon, with exciting implications on the income and job fronts. This is before new professional doors even open.

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Scorpio free weekly horoscope June 10th – June 16th, 2019

It may be time for a psychic tune-up, Scorpio. The turbulent and emotional Mars in Cancer could have you brooding amid the festivities this week. Truculent Uranus opposing you may have a few surprises in store but when the moon enters Scorpio at the weekend you will re-group and re-bound as you always do. Get away from all the small talk near a lake or ocean with your mate or lover. Work the medicine as you so splendidly know how to do. Call a Love Psychic if you seek more insight about an emotionally loaded situation. You’ll both come back to town renewed.

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Weekly zodiac predictions for Scorpio June 10th – June 16th, 2019

The results of your hard work may be delayed which is frustrating, but Scorpio is able to play the waiting game as you are more patient than others. You may feel unromantic and unsociable, so it is important that you are open and transparent with loved ones. Let them know what is going on with you so that they do not take it personally. With Mercury in Gemini, you are set to profit from your investments which puts you in a secure place financially. With Venus in Taurus, your spouse will be immensely supportive of all you do. If unmarried, you will find a partner who holds the qualities you desire, particularly passion and mystery which are kryptonite to Scorpio natives. Someone you are unable to read will drive you mad in the most gratifying way. With Mars in Gemini, you need to ensure that you avoid unnecessary squabbles.

Those of you who have been going through a dull phase in your marriage will see an improvement in your situation. But this cannot happen without conscious efforts on your part. The week ahead is the best time to express your feelings for someone as you are sure to get a positive response. You will reap the benefits of all the soul searching that you have done.

Seniors at work are totally floored by your performance and your ability to work independently. Additional responsibilities may be loaded upon you. Your do-or-die attitude and your tactful ways should help you handle a few tough responsibilities. If you are in the field of e-commerce and marketing, you need to be thorough at your work as you may find it harder to achieve set targets. Do yourself a favour by showing urgency towards your deadlines.

Your financial condition will return to normal unlike last week. For people who want to start a new business especially in the field of beauty, fashion or clothing this is the best time to do so. People in the banking business will benefit from a change in policies. Again, for people in the import and export business, do not give up hope as things are going to change shortly.

Asthma patients could aggravate their problems purely due to negligence especially in the middle of the week. In this regard, it would be better to seriously consider making jogging an essential part of daily routine. Expectant mothers, do ignore spicy and junk food and ensure that you take a nutritious diet besides involving yourself in some sort of recreational activity.

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June 10th – June 16th, 2019 Scorpio horoscope this week

Your ability to relate to other people on a truthful, honest level is a key part of your success. Eventual circumstances will force you to uphold your principles, but you may not succeed at the very moment, so keep calm. Reject your desire to stand out in front of people who do not care. The current planetary aspect may find you feeling in a more thoughtful frame of mind. Put into effect the useful changes in your life. If you need to travel, finish your tasks first. You will stabilize your financial status in the coming days. Evaluate in depth what, not only your past, but also future events mean to you. Planetary configuration brings a lot of good ideas and you may have some wonderful ideas for plans. If necessary, be compromising.

Time is very appropriate and promises many opportunities for love, flirts and entertainment – communication will play an important role in all of this. You know what you feel, but don’t want to think about it. There’s a possibility for relationships complication in your family if you are indelicate. You are likely to get impatient soon with those who don’t have it together. If you had any grand plans for a social outing or traveling, then you may have to scale them down substantially. Do not aim for success through unexpected changes. Evaluate your steps, think over your actions, and avoid the wrong path. Your credulity and susceptibility to influence can be a reason to relinquish your principles and fail what is planned. Deal with problems that require an immediate solution.

Annoying duties will spoil your mood, but you’ll soon get recognition from your colleagues. You may find yourself displaying quite a lot of impatience during this cycle. Emotion prevents you to conform to the needs of people around you. Be careful in your actions and you will achieve great fruition. There are incoming news that have the potential to change your life quite dramatically. Don’t lend money if you can’t afford it. Incorrect advices can affect your meetings and conversations if you trust everything without first considering it. Your plans will be realized if you are ready to be serious. Your trips will be successful, especially if you are going to see an old friend. Be patient and tactile.

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Scorpio accurate weekly horoscope June 10th – June 16th, 2019

This week, Sun will enter your eighth house, and the Moon, throughout the week, will transit in the tenth house, and move ahead in the eleventh, twelfth and first house. With the transit of Moon in the tenth house, luck will favour you. Hence, there are chances of progress in your workplace. In this duration, some natives can get transferred to their desired location. Harmony will prevail in familial life. You may have to go on a long-distance journey when Moon transits in your eleventh house. You are likely to attain financial profits with the help of your siblings. You may have to suffer the wrath of your seniors and face a significant loss, therefore try not to engage with them negatively. Time will be good for students. During midweek, relations with your father will improve, thanks to the transit of the Moon in your twelfth house, and he is most likely to gain profits. Some natives of this sign can go on a long-distance trip. Expenses can increase, but it won’t majorly affect you. At the end of the week, you’ll attain mental peace as a result of the Moon transiting in your first house. During this time, you may take part in religious activities. Also, your reputation within your social circle will increase. In the meanwhile, your children may give you some good news. Sun will enter your eighth house, as a result of which, you may have to suffer from health-related problems. Employed people must avoid any dispute or argument. You need to remain alert in financial matters.

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