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June 26th, 2019, Scorpio daily horoscope for today

what's scorpio horoscope for today

Just six days after Juno's return to your career sector, Mercury returns with the intellectually savvy edge needed to get your head in the game and the timing couldn't be better. With the Moon not only in your work sector but aligned with Eris here and at a friendly aspect to Jupiter on the income front, Mercury returns to find there is already a new sense of excitement and anticipation across the income, work and career fronts. From the get go Mercury is slowing down, with a retrograde turn early next month keeping him here for the majority of the next two months.

Making a concerted effort to find a particular answer can lead us down dubious or daunting avenues at times. An example of this surrounds looking online for the cause of a runny nose. Answers received range from hayfever to incurable, tropical diseases. Your keenness to find a certain answer could result in you receiving more than one. Be discerning and sensible about what you sense is correct. Allow your instincts to help with this, and they won't fail you.

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Scorpio free horoscope prediction June 26th 2019

Where do you want to take your career? Think about it. With Mercury in attention-grabbing Leo and your reputation zone, you can create a buzz around what you do which can, in turn, attract the attention of someone who will take an interest in your ideas. Through July 19 (when Mercury retrogrades into Cancer), you should be on the lookout for opportunities to meet and mingle with the major players in your world. Connections that you make during this time will help you meet your goals in the months ahead. Ask a Career Advice Psychic for guidance.

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Astrology of Scorpio for today June 26th 2019

Dear Scorpio, as intense as your nature may be but for a change others may get to see the playful side to you today. As the Moon drifts into Pisces today, you may find yourself in a relaxed state of mind. Today you may be able to free your mind from all the weighty issues that may have been lingering on for quite some time now. Enjoy your newly found peace and serenity and explore all the possible methods to express your happiness, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Today Golden Yellow will be your lucky colour. If you have anything important, plan it between 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm for optimal results.

Things could be a little bit tense at this time in your relationship. Keep you temper in check and don`t get annoyed too easily. You may hurt someone. Married couples will find themselves indulging in needless arguments and will find the argument going in circles. This can be avoided if you show a little sensitivity to your partner`s needs. Try to be calm and understanding at this time.

The self-employed must be extremely cautious today about getting involved in any sort of litigation. Avoid getting entangled in any kind of dispute. It will only work to your detriment and you will find yourself losing money at the end of the day. Those involved in incentive-based programs will have a very productive day as management may give you an extra and unexpected bonus.

Money comes in from various sources. Today is a day when some of your long-term investments may begin to pay you back. You may have invested in some insurance schemes or fixed deposits, or other forms of relatively safe investments, and today you will see some returns on these investments. These returns will be a most welcome source of additional funds.

Today actually finds you feeling just fine physically. Your health is quite good and stable, your diet is improving, and you`ve recently decided to begin exercising. These are all decisions which will keep your health on the right track, and will even make it improve. Keep up the good work.

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June 26th 2019 Scorpio zodiac sign online forecast

The celestial influences indicate that you won’t be able to hide your emotions behind a sweet and cheery facade. You are impatient and think of insignificant things, so mistakes are possible. Stabilize what has been achieved so far and harmonize your relationships with others. Those of you in real estate and trading will be successful. The changes you are considering will allow you to complete long-since started tasks. Do not invest your time if you have not considered your goals well. Be careful with your money. Don’t make travel plans. Engage in discussion of future tasks you have planned for a long time, but have not yet begun. Don’t miss out on gaining benefit for yourself.

The stars have an interesting forecast – a person with whom you already had a connection will appear. Soon you may feel like throwing caution to the wind, and just letting go for once, allowing the mood of the moment to carry you forward. You should not insult and argue with your relatives if you are not satisfied with their assessments towards you. You risk ruining a stable relationship, if you don’t demonstrate the needed calmness and composure. Consider how to make the necessary changes to your life happen smoothly. You will enjoy immensely a trip to a local meeting place, or perhaps an outing somewhere in the country. While it is true that you do need to think clearly about how to achieve your goals and plans, only your heart can tell you what those really are. Analyze and calculate your projects in depth then proceed to action. Do not insult or criticize for no reason.

You have constructive influence on your colleagues and this helps you enjoy a very relaxed work atmosphere. Arm yourself with patience and finish your tasks. Now you need to avoid emotional reactions to prevent harming yourself. Be careful in your actions and you will achieve great fruition. Avoid heavy traffic and be careful if you have to drive. Be careful if you need to check financial documents. There’s a possibility that a patron will appear to help you accomplish your plans. The planets promise news related to a close friend that will surprise you pleasantly. Problems with people in your environment are a real possibility and you will resolve them if you act only after detailed analysis. Be responsible, moderate and abstained.

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Scorpio daily horoscope for today June 26th 2019

Try to get out of your office early and do things that you really enjoy. Don't make investments in haste-Losses are certain if you don't look at investments from all possible angles. Assist your wife in domestic chores to lessen her workload. It would encourage the sense of sharing and happiness. Romance on the card but sensual feelings may erupt which would spoil your relationship. You need to put your intelligence and influence to sort matters at work. Don't make hasty decisions that you will regret later in your life. A relative, friend, or neighbor might bring tensions to your married life today.

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