October 12th, 2019, Scorpio daily horoscope for today

what's scorpio horoscope for today

Weekend or not, with the Moon in your work sector there is a need to have your work hat on today, even if it is just to listen to your intuition, instincts and imagination. This includes a read on what is already building ahead of tomorrow's Full Moon and the implications this could have on both the income and job fronts. In the meantime, while the Moon won't clash with the Sun in a more nostalgic and reflective part of your chart in order to create this Full Moon until tomorrow, it clashes with Mars today. The warrior planet is demanding that you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.

We're all pretty good at selecting where to focus our efforts and identifying our priorities. Whether we do this as diligently as we should, though, is another story. But priorities can arise and replace others surprisingly quickly. That's why you'd be wise to expect one or two items at the top of your priority list to have to make room for one or possibly two sudden inclusions.

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Scorpio free horoscope prediction October 12th 2019

General Overview: With Venus transiting the sector of your chart that rules your physical body as well as how you project yourself out into the world, your magnetism is strong today and very attractive. Venus is opposite Uranus, the Great Awakener, so there is an electric vibe to the energy you’re carrying right now. Your ability to manifest is strong so be careful what you ask for because chances are you will get it! A Taurus can match your hand and raise you one, which can be a whole lot of fun. Play the game and see where it goes.

Love/Friendship: Nothing is as it seems, and change is afoot. If you are happily coupled, you’ll find a way to connect more profoundly and take things to a deeper level. If you’re in an unhappy relationship, chances are it’s going to end abruptly and that’s a very good thing. If you’re single you won’t be for much longer.

Career/Finance: Know what you want, be clear about it, and then draw it to you using the Law of Attraction. You have a natural ability for this, you simply need to fine tune your skill. If you’re uncertain how to do that, read a book or take a course because it would be sad for you to let this go undeveloped.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Remember to take the feelings of others into consideration. You carry a lot of personal power and often do not realize how intense you are, not that there’s anything wrong with being intense. Just remember to make a space for others to express themselves too.

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Astrology of Scorpio for today October 12th 2019

Keep calm in communication and do not strain the atmosphere. Content with themselves will be those of you who are calm and do not create conflicts. At the time of this period, you tend to meet inappropriate people. Kickoff endeavors that will distract you from irritations and bring you future prosperity. Financial benefits are at hand so don’t be afraid to step up and claim what you know you have rightly earned You are in the mood for some serious discussion concerning future plans and obligations. You may be unpleasantly surprised by news that an enemy is trying to remove you from your office, especially if you are dealing with politics. If you need to travel, finish your tasks first. Analyze your actions and be critical of your own proceedings, goals, and aspirations. Be prepared for difficulties that are easy to deal with if you keep calm and show firmness in your mind.

For the representatives of this sign, love and relationships will be at the center of attention, because the stars predict a memorable period when many dreams can come to life. Be patient with others who may not catch on as quickly as you do. You will feel the envy brought about by your success, which is ordinary and should not bother you. Now you need to avoid emotional reactions to prevent harming yourself. Be careful, you may need to rearrange your agenda unexpectedly because of unpleasant news. It is better to quit unconsidered journeys because you may miss important meetings with the potential for future success. Extend your thoughts a little and start to analyze the possibility of a new direction. The period’s planetary configuration brings all kinds of creative and inspiring opportunities to make plans for the future. Be foreseeing and equitable.

Get more time for yourself during this period and don’t over-stress with work. There is a period of controversies approaching, some of which you have created yourself. Be patient and don’t deter from the path you are on. The planetary alignment encourages you to express how you feel, and if you have been suppressing particular emotions, you may find that you can no longer hold them back another moment. In a coming time you may be confronted with enemies that have set a goal to ruin on your plans. Soon you will try something new and different, especially if it involves traveling. The celestial configuration cordially inviting you to sit down and analyze your life from as many different perspectives as you can manage. Organize your daily routine differently, you need a change. Tremendous financial opportunities await you. Listen to advices that benefit you.

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October 12th 2019 Scorpio zodiac sign online forecast

If you haven't been taking sufficient rest then you will feel extremely tired and will need extra rest. Simply ignore those who approach you for business credit. Visit friends who need your assistance. Phone call you receive from your beloved/spouse would make your day. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. Your spouse will appreciate you today praising all nice about you and falling for you again. You might visit different malls or shopping complexes with your family. However, it may significantly increase your expenditure too.

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